Meanings of the dragon dream!

Meanings of the dragon dream!

Threat, legendary creature or myth, the dragon fascinates young and old alike in real life, but what does it really mean in dreams?

If you dream of a dragon, it can be a good omen or a bad one. It all depends on how you visualize this majestic creature, and how you interact with it.

To know the meaning of your dreams, you need to pay attention to the details and analyze your experience. That's why we offer a complete interpretation of dragon dreams.

What does a dragon symbolize in dreams?

Many legends and myths revolve around dragons. These fire-breathing creatures against which valiant heroes fight are not always terrifying monsters.

As a general rule, a dragon in dreams is a symbol of benevolence. It means that the dreamer has trusted friends and feels protected in their presence.

On the professional side, dreaming of dragons represents more your determination to achieve your goals, either by landing a new job or moving up in your line of work.

On the other hand, if you see several dragons in your dreams, it's more to do with your personal life. You're drifting away from your loved one, and a break-up is not far off.

If you dream of young dragons, this refers to your growing self-confidence.

Seeing a little dragon in your dreams refers to the way you approach your problems in life. You have the impression that these obstacles are small and easy to overcome.

Dreaming of a dragon can also be attached to your customs and culture. The dream thus takes on another, more personal and spiritual meaning.

If you're attached to Eastern cultures, in which dragons are symbols of wisdom, goodness and divinity. Your dreams will reflect your desire to become a better, wiser and more benevolent person.

If, on the other hand, you belong to a Western culture that sees the dragon as a majestic animal, but also as a threat, the meaning of your dream will be different. In this case, the dream symbolizes the way you perceive yourself, and can have several meanings, depending on how you interact with the beast. In the next part of the article, we'll take a closer look at the meaning of each dragon dream.

10 dragon dreams and their meanings

The dragon's color, the way it interacts with you, is it aggressive or benevolent? Alone or with others? All these details carry a lot of meaning in dreams. To analyze your dreams, you'll need to pay close attention to the images you see in your dreams.

Generally speaking, seeing a dragon in your dreams shows that you have a vivid imagination and a penchant for mystical, menacing creatures, but there's more to it than that. Dreaming of this terrifying monster can mean a lot to you. Now it's time to consider the details of this dream and your feelings in the presence of this imaginary animal:

Dreaming of fighting a dragon

If you confront a dragon in your dreams or nightmares, it's a symbol of rebellion. You're faced with an unpleasant situation that you want to resolve as quickly as possible.

Despite this, fighting a dragon also shows that you're courageous and self-confident.

If you see two dragons fighting instead, this refers to a conflict you're having with someone close to you, which you'd like to put an end to.

Dreaming of slaying a dragon

Confronting a dragon and slaying it always refers to your character. You have a strong personality, you're confident and ready to face any aggression in your life.

Seeing a dead dragon in your dreams also means that you're finally going to solve a problem or put an end to a difficult situation that was standing in the way of your plans.

If you don't manage to slay the dragon in your dreams, but still manage to capture it, this dream is a warning to be vigilant, as your decisions could have a major impact on someone close to you.

Dreaming of being in the skin of a dragon

If you turn into a dragon in your dreams, this time you'll have to pay attention to your behavior to find out what this image means.

For example, if being a dragon means you destroy everything in your path, it means you're impulsive and make snap decisions, which isn't always a good thing.

On the other hand, if you're more of a gentle dragon with good intentions, this symbolizes your benevolence and protection towards your family and loved ones.

Seeing several dragons in your dreams

Seeing several dragons in your dreams refers to your fear of adversity. You feel that your adversaries are gaining power and can do you harm. This dream encourages you to be vigilant and wary of those around you.

Dreaming of a dragon flying around you

Seeing a dragon flying over you is far from positive, and this is also confirmed in dreams.

For everyone, dragons are terrifying creatures. Even if they're imaginary, seeing them with their wings spread as they fly around you can be very frightening.

This terrifying vision in your dreams conceals a deeper feeling inside you. It means that you lack self-confidence and feel diminished or undervalued in life.

In other cases, seeing a dragon flying around you in your dreams is a symbol of betrayal. Someone close to you whom you trust is probably going to stab you in the back, so be vigilant and watch those close to you for danger.

Dreaming of running away from a dragon

All dreams of escaping from a threat usually mean the same thing: you're afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone.

To dream that a dragon is chasing you means you're avoiding facing your problems for fear of reprisals.

This fear can also be manifested by an evil, terrifying or threatening dragon, but this type of dream has two scenarios, each with its own meaning:

  • If you manage to escape the dragon, it means you'll emerge victorious from a catastrophic situation;
  • If, in your flight, the dragon ends up catching you, it's your problems in life that will get the better of you.

See a fire-breathing dragon in your dreams

Seeing a dragon spitting fire in your dreams, without hurting yourself or anyone else, reflects your growing anger. You're having this type of dream because you're going through a difficult period and find it hard to express your feelings freely.

The second meaning this type of dream can have is linked to your state of mind. It can refer to your impulsiveness, overwhelming personality or even other feelings buried deep inside you. So take the time to talk to someone about it.

Riding a dragon in your dreams

Seeing yourself riding a dragon in your dreams is a signal from your subconscious that it's time to get on with your life. Numerous opportunities will present themselves on your doorstep, and you'll need to be ready to seize them.

Riding this terrifying animal also means you'll have to mature and take responsibility for your life, and face up to the consequences of your actions.

Dreaming of a sea dragon

The sea in dreams is often a bad omen. Seeing a sea dragon is a reflection of our fears and anxieties in real life. It also means that someone close to you is malevolent and wants to harm you.

Dreaming of having a dragon by your side

Being on good terms with a dragon, visualizing it at your side, kind with good intentions, refers directly to your wisdom. It means you're on the right path, and that positive things are waiting for you in your life.

What do the colors of the dragons in your dreams mean to you?

To delve deeper into dragon dreams, we've seen above the meaning of various interactions the dreamer may have with this terrifying creature. We'll now turn our attention to the dragon's color. Indeed, the appearance of this animal also has a strong symbolism in your dreams.

Decipher the meaning of the color of dragons in dreams in the following:

Dreaming of a white dragon

Seeing a white dragon expresses your desire for justice. This dream symbolizes your desire for reparation.

However, white in dreams is also a symbol of fear, grief or the death of a loved one.

Dreaming of a black dragon

Visualizing a black dragon in your dreams reflects your anger as well as your ambitions on a professional or personal level.

This dream urges you to control yourself and, above all, not let your rage get the better of you.

Seeing a black dragon in dreams can also symbolize our desires and buried instincts. Remember to interpret this type of dream in context, according to your experience and current state of mind.

Dreaming of a blue dragon

Seeing a blue dragon in your dreams is the best color you could have. Blue is a symbol of peace and tranquility.

This dream symbolizes your current state of mind and heralds a positive future. Make the most of it!

Dreaming of a yellow dragon

A yellow dragon in dreams is a symbol of good luck. This color in dreams also signifies wealth, power and even wisdom.

Dreaming of a green dragon

In dreams, green is a symbol of perseverance, effort and hard work.

A green dragon refers to the efforts you make in life to achieve your goals. This dream is also a harbinger of good things to come, so keep up the good work, because your hard work will pay off in the end.

Dreaming of a red dragon

Red is the color most often used when imagining a dragon. It's also the most frightening of all. As you can see, dreaming of a red dragon doesn't bode well.

This color presages various problems, financial or professional, conflicts or even a romantic break-up.

Dreaming of a Chinese dragon

In Chinese customs, the dragon has a place of its own. As it symbolizes imperial power in China, in dreams it simply reflects the dreamer's power over others.

Scientific interpretations of dragon dreams

The great scientists and astrophysicists of our time have also had their say on the interpretation of dragon dreams. We invite you to discover the most pertinent interpretations of this type of dream according to Nostradamus and Artemidorus:

Dragon dream interpretation according to Nostradamus

Nostradamus, a 9th-century apothecary and visionary, offers a precise explanation for dragon dreams. According to him, seeing this majestic creature in dreams is a symbol of illusory success.

That said, being threatened or attacked by a dragon in a dream is a prediction that the dreamer will lose his or her good fortune.

Interpretation of the dragon dream according to Artemidorus

Artemidorus of Daldis, a 2nd-century writer and philosopher, has a very different explanation for the meaning of a dragon dream. The dragon symbolizes the passage of time. A dragon in dreams also brings wealth, success and happiness.


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