Pick fresh red peppers

Pick fresh red peppers




Saw myself plucking fresh Red peppers and beside there was one pepper plant that the fruit is getting rotten.

In the same dream I saw mother hen with two chicks eating.


Hello Akua,

In your dream, picking fresh chili peppers may symbolize reaping the fruits of your efforts.

Red chillies, with their bright color and pungent flavor, often represent passion, energy and transformation.

This suggests that you may be in a period of your life where you're reaping the benefits of your hard work, while embracing exciting change.

However, the presence of a chili plant with rotting fruit next to fresh ones could indicate a sense of urgency or warning.

It may be that certain opportunities or aspects of your life need your attention before they deteriorate.

This can be a metaphor to encourage you to act quickly and take care of certain areas of your life that may be neglected.

As for the hen with her chicks, this can symbolize motherhood, care and protection.

It could reflect your own role as protector in your life or in the lives of others, or perhaps a desire for security and well-being for those you love.

The hen feeding her chicks can also indicate your need to take care of yourself and others, or perhaps a wish to be taken care of.

This dream, with its elements of growth, decline and care, seems to touch on themes of balance between the different facets of your life. It invites you to reflect on how you manage your responsibilities, opportunities and relationships.

I hope this interpretation offers you an enriching perspective and helps you find deeper meaning in your dream experience.

Take care, Akua.

Best regards,

Anne Anne



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