Is this a sign?

Is this a sign?




This dream was short.
I dreamed that we were with the doctor because my grandmother was sick with something that could cause her death.

When I went into the doctor's office I introduced myself and the doctor gave me a sheet of paper with a saint on it (I think it said "san geronimo") and told me to fill it out, but I didn't know.


Hello Adriana,

Your dream is interesting and you're right to share it with us. It's true that it's a strange dream, but your subconscious wants to reveal a particular message to you.

Dreaming of being in a doctor's surgery with your grandmother can reveal your concerns about your current physical and emotional state, or that of someone close to you. No healing is spontaneous. So tell yourself that it will take time.

A dream like this can also mean that you're looking for guidance in making difficult decisions about certain aspects of your life. With the support of a more experienced person, you'll find solutions to your anxieties. Indeed, researching the causes of the inner conflicts you face can help you resolve them.

Make sure you confide in someone you can trust to support you unconditionally.

The presence of your sick grandmother means you're afraid of losing someone very dear to you. You're afraid of the future, and your fear of being abandoned puts you in a very worrying psychological state.

Your subconscious invites you to forge your mind with the aim of transforming this powerlessness into strength.

The doctor's surgery you're in symbolizes your fear of the unknown and your desire to feel more secure.

You may be overwhelmed right now, so take some time for yourself. The body has its limits, so taking care of your health is essential.

Finally, the sheet of paper you received is a symbol of your optimism and faith. Because even in the darkest moments of your life, you know you're not alone.

Best regards,

Anne Anne



Frédéric 02/27/2024 20:55

I love you very much 🎉🌈🙏✨🤍

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