Soccer and martial arts sporting event

Soccer and martial arts sporting event




I dreamt that I was in a Sports Event of several sports, this time the sport of honor was soccer, the World Cup was taking place, that category had already finished.

Apparently I had bet with a friend I like, we were in a park with several picnic tables with lanterns, I approached her and told her that "France had lost" to which she replied that "Sad, you always win" so with a seductive tone of voice.

From there a lot of people start coming to the tables, I go to another table to eat cake, while I see her alone I throw cake for her to catch and eat while she watches me.

At that moment a player from France approaches my table and starts talking to me, he tells me "We lost the opportunity" and I get worried because he is distracting me from seeing her, to which I push him away and she is no longer there and I tell the player annoyed and sad that "Maybe I lost too" from there I move to a martial arts tournament.


Hello José.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your dream. It gathers enough significant facts and we decipher them immediately.

Dreaming about sports competitions, and soccer in particular, is above all synonymous with a desire to prove yourself to others. You have a need to prove what you are capable of.

It is also an indicator that you are called to face some competition, especially in the school or professional environment.

You would be jealous of someone's success in particular. So inwardly, you need to surpass yourself in order to surpass them.

On the other hand, the picnic in the presence of your friend shows your zen and relaxed attitude towards the situation.

The fact that it is happening after the game shows that you are going to have a calming moment after this competitive moment that is going to come your way.

Your friend's presence is not insignificant. It is a sign of support in your life and in the trials you are going to go through.

The cake that was inserted into the dream is a symbol of the love you have for yourself and then the love and attention between you and your friend.

You have exchanged with a soccer player. This means that you are putting off some decisions you have had to make in your life.

This opposition in the discussion shows your self-confidence and self-worth. You don't let negativity get to you.

Your dream sheds light on your sense of competition and especially on your confidence. The martial arts that follow confirm your discipline.

You are called to surpass yourself and more to externalize your feelings. Take care of yourself and be happy.

With love.

Anne Anne



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