Our interpretations and explanations of sports dreams!

Our interpretations and explanations of sports dreams!

We can't stress this enough: regular physical activity, combined with a healthy, varied diet, is the key to a healthy lifestyle and good health. There are lots of different types of sport, with different intensities and principles. They all help us to burn off energy, de-stress and lose calories, but that's only true in real life!

When you dream of playing sport, the meaning is quite different. Let's take a look at the different meanings and symbolism of sports in our dreams.

What does sport symbolize in our dreams?

The presence of sport in your dreams is not surprising. Physical activity is part of our daily lives, so it may seem normal that it should also appear in your dreams. But what about the reason?

A dream in which a sport manifests itself, whether it's the discipline you practice, that you love or in which you're a protagonist, this image in your dreams can say a lot about your personality.

As a general rule, this type of event symbolizes your competitive side - you're certainly competing with someone else in real life.

This dream can also mean that you are looking for change in your life. This image symbolizes your desire to change certain aspects of your life, in order to achieve your goals.

However, you'll need all the information you can get to accurately interpret the dream's meaning. What sport are you playing in your dreams? Are you a spectator? Is it a team or individual sport? All the answers to these questions will tell you more about what this dream means to you. That's why it's important to pay attention to the smallest details when you dream.

10 sports dream meanings

Last night you dreamt about sports, but there are endless possibilities for dream scenarios involving one or more sports. Unless you fell asleep watching your soccer game on TV, this dream must have a deeper meaning for you.

Of course, just being a spectator of a sport doesn't have the same meaning as a dream in which you're playing it yourself. Here's a closer look at the meaning of the main dream scenarios involving sports:

Dreaming of seeing other people doing sport

If you place yourself as an observer in your sports dream, visualizing others training or practicing a physical activity, this refers to your status in life; you are often in the background and resign yourself as an observer and not an actor in your life. This dream also indicates that you lack opportunities. So it's time to get more involved in the areas you're linked to, as this is necessary for your inner development and, above all, for your prosperity.

Dreaming of a sport without practicing it

Seeing a sport in your dreams, without actually taking part in it, or even practicing it, is a benchmark that shows you're in a period of personal growth. Give it your all and work harder to achieve the balance you're looking for.

Depending on the physical exercise you visualize in your dreams, this is a responsibility you'll have to fulfill soon in your life.

Dreaming of training in a sport

Training is a key phase in developing your sport and improving your skills. That's the symbolism your subconscious is sending you through this image.

When it comes to sports, this dream is the most common, encouraging you to develop your performance and skills in your professional field in order to achieve your goals, because in most sports, you have to train to show off your prowess.

Dreaming of practicing an individual sport

Playing an individual sport in your dreams tells you that you need to rely more on yourself to pursue your dreams and, who knows, maybe achieve your goals.

In this dream, your subconscious is urging you to challenge yourself, to get out of your comfort zone and to work harder to succeed.

This premise also shows that you have to be consistent in everything you do, otherwise you won't see results.

Dreaming of team sports

Team sports in your dreams are a symbol of sexual need. You're probably feeling frustrated in this area of your life and finding it hard to fulfill yourself.

Another meaning of team sports in your dreams reflects your need to cooperate, whether in your professional or personal environment. It will help you find the harmony you've been looking for.

Dreaming of watching a sports match

To dream of watching sports - two teams competing in a particular discipline - is an indication that you have conflicting points of view and opinions. Sort out your thoughts and see things more clearly.

Dreaming of seeing yourself in a gym

If you find yourself in a gym in your dreams, it's an indication that you should stay on the lookout for signs, as some relevant details related to your life are not to be overlooked.

Dreaming of taking part in and winning a sporting competition

In your life, if you see yourself as the champion of a high-level sports competition, this is a good omen. This dream indicates that recognition and prosperity are around the corner.

This image heralds rewards in your life, linked to your efforts, dedication and good qualities.

Dreaming of putting on sneakers for sport

Seeing yourself putting on your sneakers in your dreams and getting ready to practice your sport points directly to your goals in life. It shows that you're on the right path to achieving them, and that you're very determined.

Dream direction by type of sport

The type of sport you practice in your dreams can be very meaningful for you.

If you dream of a sport that you play regularly in life, it means that you'll have to rediscover an aspect of your life, or rediscover your talents, or something from your youth that you've lost over time.

On the other hand, if in your dreams you're in the middle of learning a new sport, this refers to the realization of your goals, the discovery of new talents or even an apprenticeship in a new field.

As you can see, the facets of dreams can take on different meanings.

Apart from this small detail, it's also important to consider the type of sport you're practicing in your dream to find out its meaning. Whether it's an individual sport or a team sport, let's find out the meaning of each discipline right away:

Dreaming of athletics

If you see yourself in the middle of an athletics race, going hurdle by hurdle in your dreams, it's an indication that you're going to have to overcome certain circumstances in your life. But rest assured, this phase will only be momentary.

Athletics is also characterized by obstacle courses or flat races, which have a heavy symbolism in dreams.

This dream can also symbolize that you have multiple decisions to make in your life, and that whatever your choices, you must be prepared to work around the obstacles in your path. This is your recipe for a successful marathon!

Whatever path you choose or decisions you make, the destination will be the same, but in different ways.

Dreaming of doing gymnastics

Gymnastics is the symbol of aesthetic body culture, elegance, grace and strength.

When you dream that you're practicing gymnastics, it's a prediction of a long, serene and prosperous life and radiant health.

If the rhythm of your gymnastics is right, you'll probably achieve your goals in life in the near future.

Dreaming of playing Basketball

Basketball is a sport where agility and strategy go hand in hand. That's why, if you're dreaming of playing this sport, you need to take time to think before making decisions that could have far-reaching consequences in your life.

If you see yourself as a mere observer of this sport, it's high time you matured in your life and fully assumed your responsibilities in order to move forward.

Your subconscious, and with the right strategies, you're sure to achieve your goals.

Dreaming of playing soccer

Soccer is an omnipresent sport in our lives, whether in the media, supporting our favorite team or playing the sport ourselves. Soccer is surely the most popular sport in the world. It's hard not to dream about it!

Playing soccer in your dreams heralds a period of joy and prosperity in your life. The collective work of this sport is a clear sign that you're on the right track to achieving your goals, so success is not far off.

Dreaming of practicing an extreme sport

Seeing yourself in your dreams practicing an extreme sport, putting in a lot of effort or even coming close to certain dangers, is the symbol of overwork in life. You're doing far too much, and you need to think about the risks involved in your activity and ask yourself whether it's really worth it.

Your subconscious is sending you this image to encourage you to slow down, so think about taking a break. You'll see, it'll do you a world of good.

Dreaming of swimming

In dreams, swimming is a symbol of freedom, while water is a purifying element. Swimming is a rather complex dream that can take on two meanings:

  • It's a sign that you need to get out of a situation you're currently in and move on;
  • This means you have to let go of what's affecting you and go your own way in total freedom.

Swimming is a sport that values individual effort, which is a sign that you're a unique person and that you need to find a way to develop yourself freely, letting go of anything that might affect you.

Dreaming of boxing

Boxing or any other contact sport in your dreams is not a good sign. It indicates that you're under pressure and need extra protection in the face of adversity.

This discipline also represents direct confrontation with someone and sometimes even aggression, which refers to the situations you face in life and your great need for protection.

Psychoanalytic interpretations of sports dreams

Dreaming about sport is quite common, but it can have multiple meanings, as sport is a term that encompasses a whole host of disciplines, each of which has its own meaning in your dreams.

Having defined the symbolism of the main sports in your dreams, we now turn to the interpretations of history's greatest psychoanalysts concerning sports dreams:

Jung's interpretation of sports dreams

According to Jungian thinking, playing sports in one's dreams is a positive omen for the dreamer. It means he'll be happy in his life and proud of himself. This dream is a kind of motivation that drives the dreamer to show off his performance, take control and even change his life to be happier and more fulfilled.

Miller's interpretation of sports dreams

Miller gives a different meaning to sports dreams. This giant of psychoanalysis considers that dreaming about sports heralds an eventful meeting, where participants will show off their work. The dreamer will feel ill at ease, not least because the competition is fierce and he or she feels out of place.


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