Dreaming of a car chase: what is its meaning?

Dreaming of a car chase: what is its meaning?

Dreaming of a chase is a dream, in which the common scenario, is usually one in which the dreamer has a vision of himself running to hide and escape from something that terrifies him. The latter can be a particular person around him or even sometimes something abstract that is represented by an animal, an object or other.

It is a very hectic dream scene, with a high level of adrenaline and stress. In fact, the dreamer often ends up waking up with a start in the middle of his sleep.

To interpret this dream, there were many meanings, but they are always related to a given situation of the daily life which gnaws at the dreamer, and which follows him until his dreams.

How do you put an end to this kind of dream?

When a person is under stress for a long period of time for X reasons, and has difficulty relaxing, it is not uncommon to see this kind of dream that can occur in the same period.

In order to overcome this type of dream, the person having it must first come to terms with what is bothering them in reality. Once they find a solution to their problems, they can hope to stop having these dreams and thus, hope to have a better restful sleep.

The solution can sometimes be found in the dream itself if the dreamer manages to concentrate well in order to identify what anguishes him, by analyzing the danger that is pursuing him. And for this, he will need to understand how to interpret his own dream. Keeping in mind this goal, several schools have given meanings, so all that remains is for you to exploit these interpretations by projecting them onto your own life, and thus see which of these would be the most adapted to your real anxieties.

Below we will present you all the interpretations that you might consider when you have this kind of dream. It will help you to find adequate solutions to the problematic situation.

What is the definition of the chase dream?

When your dream is a police chase then you are probably afraid of authority at this point. This dream brings to light feelings that you have, but that you have repressed, and it is more precisely feelings of guilt. Indeed, the one who dreams of a police chase, has in fact a heavy feeling, because he has acted badly at a certain time for a certain reason, and that he has remorse for that.

What he may have done wrong may be a violation of the law or of moral codes in general with respect to others. Whatever it may be, the action he may have done has created guilt and anxiety in him, because he is afraid of being caught for the wrongs he has committed.

When one dreams of a lawsuit, the dreamer in question has probably broken rules in reality by disobeying the law, or by not doing his or her duties properly.

It is then a dream that mentions the consequences of certain acts of the person who was caught in his dream, but not yet in reality, and who pays for his acts.

This dream shows all the anguish, worry and apprehension of the one who is doing it facing the punishment he could soon face. He is afraid for himself and he imagines that his punishment will be terrible.

Are there other analyses of the chase dream?

Dreaming of a chase is not a very direct message in a dream, but in general, the dreamer is no longer an actor, but only a spectator of this scene which terrifies him and which, in any case, concerns him completely. It represents the dreamer's inner struggle between two aspects that are trying to get the upper hand on each other.

Being chased by a killer

Dreaming of being chased by a killer is also a frequent thing. The dreamer sees himself being chased by a killer and so he tries at all costs to outrun him to escape the threat and save his own skin.

The dreamer tries to run as best and as fast as he can, while looking for a reassuring place to take shelter and hide from the evil that threatens him.

In this type of dream, the identity of the aggressor is often not very clear, all we know is that he is dangerous and that the situation becomes more and more stressful and urgent when he is around.

This dream is most often interpreted by an inner struggle for the dreamer who is generally inhabited by traumas and anxieties that he wants to get rid of, because he can no longer live healthily and he can't ignore them either, the proof: these demons haunt him even in his dreams!

Being chased by a dog or by a pack of dogs

You probably also dream of being chased by a dog, and if so, it can have two meanings, so it's up to you to choose the one that best fits your life.

If you have a phobia of dogs, then the dream of being chased by a dog may be because of your anxieties that come from the unconscious having experienced a trauma related to this situation. Otherwise, if you know that you do not have a phobia of dogs while you are having this dream, you can interpret it as your animal instincts manifesting in you, wanting to escape from your baser instincts.

What is the definition of the chase dream?

Dreaming of a car chase usually represents the dreamer's life journey and all the obstacles he had to face. In the scene he sees, he is facing an imminent danger on his way and he is trying by all means to flee from it to continue his journey in peace.

The dream of a police chase

Having a dream of a police chase is a danger signal that should not be ignored. Most of the time, this dream highlights a way of life that becomes heavy and hard to live, because there is too much pressure. The dreamer is living a dangerous life where the risk is at its highest, because he does not follow any rules and does not pay for any of his mistakes and runs away from the consequences.

In this case, the only way to interpret this dream is that it is time for the dreamer to stop leading a life of trouble and get back on track.

The dream of a car chase

To dream that one is being chased by a car is also a bad sign. It evokes danger and a state of alert, such that the dreamer sees himself avoiding it, while panicking, but the danger remains abstract. This dream reflects an emergency in the dreamer's real life, which must be dealt with quickly.

What is the interpretation of the chase dream according to several schools?

Psychoanalysis plays an important role in explaining the meaning of dreams. And as for the dream of the chase, Freud, Jung and even Georges Romey have given their opinion on it, and this is what we will see.

First of all, you should know that this dream can have several variants such as :

  • Dreaming of being chased by someone ;
  • Dreaming of being chased by a train ;
  • Dreaming of a chase on a blurred path ;
  • Dreaming of a chase that you are trying to escape ;
  • Dreaming of a chase for which one tries to hide.

Nevertheless, in all these cases, psychoanalysts agree that the dream of pursuit in general reveals a serious state of stress and anxiety, whatever its cause may be.

The meaning of the chase dream according to Freud

According to Freud, dreams of pursuit are directly related to the anxiety and anguish that the dreamer feels about a real-life situation. Freudian thought is based on the fact that this type of dream evokes a state of nervousness where the person in question has difficulty facing his or her desires and fantasies.

This type of dream raises a clear message: the dreamer must let go so that his inner conflict can stop, and at the same time stop having this dream.

The chase is often caused by an attacker who may be in the form of an animal, imaginary monster, terrifying object etc. from the dreamer's point of view.

This type of dream, for Freud, can also have a very strong link with repressed sexual fantasies, such as a homosexuality that is difficult to accept, or fantasies that are impossible to realize, etc.

The meaning of the chase dream according to Jung

For C.G.Jung, when we dream that someone is pursuing us in our deepest dreams, it means that we are really being pursued by a part of ourselves that we repress and that we do not want to accept.

The greater the distance between what pursues the dreamer in his dreams and himself, the greater his desire to push away even further that part of himself that he does not want to admit. The distance then represents the level of acceptance of the dreamer for his repressed part which is possible, or on the contrary which will be impossible.

Generally, men are pursued by their feminine side, or in other words, their anima, and women, on the other hand, are pursued by their masculine side, or in other words, their animus.

Letting the function contrary to our nature reach us can be frightening, but it is a solution not to be neglected for some internal problems. A therapeutic follow-up is recommended after having had this dream, to avoid continuing to have it and also to better understand its causes and solutions.

The meaning of the chase dream according to Georges Romey

Onirologist George Romey is a little more modern than his two other colleagues, and what he announces is that this dream of pursuit proves that the right moment to finally face one's fears has finally arrived! Indeed, according to him, there are situations where a person can start to run away in real life, and these are the ones that chase him in his dreams because in the end... we can never really run away from life, our responsibilities must always be respected as best as possible, otherwise their consequences literally prevent us from sleeping.

Some particular meanings of the chase dream

Dreams of a car chase can express a fear of being attacked, either physically or financially. They can represent many things such as a failure, a passion, a fear, an obsession etc. They also very often represent a repressed desire to be linked to the struggle between what we desire and what we possess.

A dream of being chased can be linked to a feeling of guilt for something bad we have done and we fear being discovered, which causes our fears all day long.

How to interpret dreams by yourself

If you frequently dream about strange events such as a car chase, you should not ignore them since, according to several books on psychoanalysis, dreams are open doors to the unconscious.

The question we ask ourselves then, which is actually the reason you are reading this article, is "how could we achieve an interpretation of these dreams that interrupt our sleep?" A few psychiatrists and doctors have looked into this case and here are the answers they have been able to report so far.

There are, according to them, three orientations with which we can better interpret any of our dreams that can be described as strange, including the one of the chase, and they are as such:

  • Psychoanalysis ;
  • The symbolism ;
  • Neuroscience.


According to Freud, who is no longer in the limelight at this point, dreams are a path that leads to the knowledge of the unconscious and therefore, according to him, dreams are nothing more than the expression of everything (desires, fantasies, impulses, etc.) that your unconscious has not been able to express to your conscious.

The uncovering of the connection between the unconscious and the conscious is done when we explore our dreams in depth and do not ignore them, when we talk about them freely and analyze all the possible interpretations that it could have based on the words.

For example, if you dream that you are losing your hair, "hair" is not far from "I want" and therefore you lose your will.

The symbolism

Unlike psychoanalysis, in symbolism it is a question of interpreting the dream as a message from the unconscious, but the motives are not universal, each dream has its own interpretation and meaning. Dreaming of a snake will therefore have a different meaning than dreaming of a car chase.

For example, the snake symbolizes a sexual drive, or even the fear of being bitten and consequently, of death.


Dreams occur during the REM period of sleep, in other words, during the phase when you are sound asleep and motionless.

According to them, dreaming allows you to assimilate emotions experienced during your active state, and the images perceived in bizarre dreams are only the reflection of the emotional concerns of the person who is dreaming.

Other dreams related to the chase dream

Dreaming of running or fleeing are dreams somewhat similar to that of being chased in a race, but the interpretations may differ, so you should be careful to know how to distinguish between them in order to fully understand the cause of your dreams.

Dreaming of running

This dream can have several and different meanings, especially when we take into account the reason why we find ourselves running. What we can say at first glance is that running directly refers to a desire to move and change things in your life, so that they become more dynamic and move forward better, especially if you have projects on the way.

Seeing yourself running can therefore be a sign that you are trying to achieve something as quickly as possible and that you no longer have the patience to not have it, you are ready to give everything to finally get it. And even though all this may seem positive and motivating, this dream is not without its negative aspects, as it may reflect a feeling of anxiety and intense stress that you are experiencing at the moment. And when you think about it, it makes sense, because if you want to get something as fast as possible, it means that you are behind in something that you should have gotten a long time ago.

In some rare cases, it is also possible that this dream means that a danger is not far away, and in this case, it is preferable to consult a psychologist to be sure.

For some people, running is synonymous with relaxation, but in truth, this dream simply means that you are still trying to escape a negative feeling.

Dreaming of running away

Dreaming of running away is one of the most revealing and symbolic dreams ever. In general, when we flee, it is because we are afraid of an imminent danger that makes us feel trapped and frightened.

To be able to interpret this dream well, it is important to know how to analyze the whole environment around it and not only the act of escape itself, because this is what will give the possibility to know exactly which part of the dreamer's life this dream is pointing to and sounding the alarm.

Please keep far from you the idea that you are a coward if you make this dream, in this case, running away is not like during the chase, a way to get rid of his responsibilities, but rather a way to preserve himself, because in the case of the dreamer, he has no other choice than to run away.

It happens then that you have this dream when you feel unable to face a certain situation in your life, and it reflects a fear of responsibility, which is itself a consequence of a repression of the desire to grow and gain in maturity.

Basically, the dreamer who dreams that he or she is running away does not want to become an adult, and if he or she already is, that he or she does not want to accept it. It may not be obvious to the person in question whether or not this interpretation can be confirmed, as it is often hard to become aware of this kind of thing on your own.

You can dream of being on the run:

  • A danger, so it means that you don't know how to face your difficulties ;
  • A fight, so that means you are afraid of some conflict ;
  • A fire, so you are in an emergency where everything is destroying around you and you are trying to save yourself ;
  • The police, so it will mean that you are clearly running away from your responsibilities for the mistakes you made ;
  • An animal, so it will mean that something in your life scares you.

To conclude, all you have to do is analyze your dream according to the interpretations provided above to see which one is the most likely to explain your dream.


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