Dreaming of a volcano: here are all the interpretations!

Dreaming of a volcano: here are all the interpretations!

Scientifically speaking, volcanoes are a rupture in the Earth's crust that allows gases, lava and ash to rise to the surface. As a result, the crust floats on a softer, hotter part, in the form of tectonic plates. This is why volcanoes are always found in the parts of the earth where tectonic plates diverge or converge.

Another important point to know about volcanoes is that the majority of them are present "underwater". On the surface, volcanoes are generally dormant and pose no threat to human beings, whereas active volcanoes are a real source of concern not only for mankind, but for the entire surrounding environment.

The volcano in dreams

This introduction to volcanoes is very important, as it prepares you for the rest of this guide. The volcano symbolizes power, strength and anger, but also repressed problems, inevitability, negative emotions and destruction.

Sometimes the volcano is even an unpredictable revenge.

So dreams about volcanoes can be favorable or unfavorable, depending on the case and the details of the dream in question, but also on the state of the volcano itself.

It's possible to dream of an erupting volcano or a dormant one. These dreams reveal the very core of your being. They give you an idea of the state of your inner self, accumulated emotions, feelings...

Anger, outbursts of emotion, uncontrollable behaviour... What exactly does your dream mean?

What is the relationship between the volcano's dream and his feelings?

In fact, the volcano in your dreams gives you an exact idea of your emotional state. Your repressed and suppressed feelings are beginning to weigh heavily on your mind, and you'll end up exploding if you can't express yourself properly.

The volcano dream is an excellent clue to start taking care of yourself by channelling your negative energy in a positive way.

Typically, the volcano appears in the dreams of people who are under a lot of stress, either because of a given situation or because of an unhealthy, unbalanced lifestyle or problem.

These people hold back a lot of their emotions and can't take control of their lives. These people are in real danger of "bursting" at any moment.

In fact, volcano dreams are common in times of crisis or when you're really overwhelmed. The dreamer is facing extreme pressure and failed attempts at control.

Beware, it can also be sudden pressure from a toxic person in your entourage. This could be a colleague, boss, friend or companion. It's very important to confront this person, or if possible, remove him or her from your life altogether, as this is a real danger to your mental health. Maybe you just can't tell them apart, or you don't realize the extent of the danger. That's why the volcano appears in your dream to tell you that it's time to act before it's too late for you.

Sometimes the volcano in dreams means unpredictable events that happen suddenly and can turn your life upside down. These events can have a devastating effect and could even change your life completely.

Is dreaming of a volcano a warning?

Indeed, dreaming of a volcano can be a warning. The dreamer refuses to see things as they really are. He can't understand or accept the toxicity around him, or the gravity of the pressure he's facing.
The volcano is therefore, a sign and a warning at the same time. If the volcano in the dream is erupting, it means that the problem you're refusing to accept is going to get worse over time and eventually erupt. Be careful, the damage you incur could be irreparable!

We often dream of volcanoes when we fear a given situation or conflict with a certain person we care about. Generally, we expect a negative and violent reaction from this person or situation, and then the volcano in the dream erupts.

Dreaming of a volcano: potential for change

The other interpretation of the volcano dream is change. Certain changes will take place and are inevitable. These changes will completely alter your life (or personality). You will learn a very important lesson from this situation.

Equip yourself with patience and acceptance to overcome your ordeal. Know that behind every event in life lies a lesson. Since life's lessons are inevitable, you'll do well to take full advantage of them.

Dreaming of a volcano gives us a warning to be calmer, especially if you're a nervous person. Avoid any confrontations in the days ahead, as things can get very complicated very quickly! Try to solve your problems calmly and serenely.

Be peaceful, even if it takes a lot of effort on your part with :

  • Your friends ;
  • Your friends ;
  • At work ;
  • With a customer ;
  • With your children ;
  • Your companion ;
  • Or even with strangers in the street !

It's possible to get into a conflict with those around you in the next few days, and the volcano in the dream indicates that it could get out of hand! As far as possible, try to avoid this kind of situation, and settle your problems calmly, even if the other person is aggressive.

Dreaming of a volcano: repressed feelings

To dream of a volcano means that the dreamer has a lot of repressed feelings. Generally speaking, we tend to forget our feelings, but unconsciously, they weigh heavily on your mental health. It could be a problem from the past, or even from childhood. It's important to remember that every incident has an impact on us. We have to learn to manage our emotions in the face of these problems. If we don't, we'll end up with a lot of negative energy surrounding us.

Have you ever felt bad about yourself or uncomfortable, but you don't really know the origin of this feeling? It's the accumulation of all the negative feelings and emotions we've experienced in the past, and we haven't reacted well to them.

Sometimes this feeling comes from an embarrassing situation that you haven't been able to overcome.

Dreaming of an extinct volcano

Is the volcano in your dreams extinct? Then the dream means that a problem you've been spending a lot of energy on will soon come to an end. It could be a problem with a loved one or a professional issue.

Generally, this problem was a source of anger and negative feelings for you, because you were misunderstood or your words were interpreted differently.

Dreaming of an erupting volcano

Of course, an erupting volcano is a real danger, both to human beings and to the surrounding nature. So when you have a dream about an erupting volcano, it's not a good sign. It reveals a great deal of fear, even danger, which can affect you. If the eruption is too big, the situation could even be life-threatening.

Please note that this is not a situation that is certain to occur. You may have many fears and unfounded fears (however, this feeling of fear weighs on your mind). So, this dream is a bad omen.

The erupting volcano can mean a toxic relationship with someone in your life. You absolutely must get out of this situation!

The erupting volcano in your dreams can point to temptations that can get you into embarrassing situations.

Dreaming of volcanic eruptions is a symbol or sign of conflict or disagreement with members of your family. It may be time to clear the air and develop and improve these relationships.

Dreaming of escaping a volcanic eruption?

Did you dream that you were fleeing a volcanic eruption? This indicates important changes that will alter the course of your life, especially if the volcano is close to home.

Are you expecting a volcanic eruption in your dreams? This indicates that someone is waiting to do you harm.

Dreaming of being hurt by a volcano

Are you hurt or burned by a volcano in your dreams? Someone close to you wants to hurt you and may even succeed in doing so. The extent of this harm depends on your injury in the dream.

Dreaming of a volcano in the house

Is the volcano in your house? If you're having this dream, there's a lot of bad energy in your home. Things are complicated with other family members and you're likely to come into conflict with one of them, especially if you're having trouble controlling your emotions.

Dreaming of an underwater volcano

The underwater volcano means that many of the conflicts that have been going on for some time will soon come to an end.

On the other hand, don't spare any energy in finding solutions to these problems. It's important to give your all.

On the other hand, this dream could signify a negative past experience, but don't forget that it's impossible to change the past, but the future is always in your hands!

Make an effort to forgive and correct your faults. On the other hand, if it was someone else who hurt you, try to forgive even if the situation seems difficult or complicated. It's important for ending the cycle and improving your lifestyle.

Dreaming of a snow-covered volcano

Did you dream of a snow-covered volcano? The volcano represents your emotions and your attempts to repress or harden them! You may be afraid to love or forgive, because the feelings represented in the snow-covered volcano dream are positive.

The snow-covered volcano dream happens when you start a new project, a new experience, a new job, or even a new relationship. You're enthusiastic, but you hide it for fear of being offended or hurt.

Dreaming of a volcano rising out of the water

If you've dreamt of a volcano without lava, or a volcano that releases water, it means you're repressing your emotions. Beware: although the situation is fairly calm at the moment, it's possible that things will get worse over time and get out of hand.

It's essential to learn how to channel your emotions and manage your behavior. Try observing your inner self (yoga sessions can be very helpful). Try to stay in a quiet place to get in touch with your soul and assimilate its messages.

Dreaming of falling into the volcano

Did you fall into a volcano in your dream? The interpretation of this dream has to do with your behavior. You can't control your emotions and feelings.

It may also be that some of your weaknesses are getting in the way. You're afraid to embark on a new experience because of your weaknesses. Remember that everyone has weak points and moments of vulnerability. Nobody is born strong or prepared! It's our experiences that help us grow and become stronger and more experienced. Be patient and try to walk gently into the future!

Get your strength back, and if you need it, don't hesitate to ask a friend or relative for help. Sometimes, it's even advisable to take a step back to rest, recharge your batteries and start the new experience on the right foot. By doing so, you'll build your confidence and feel much better.


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