I dream that my ex-boyfriend is talking to me.

I dream that my ex-boyfriend is talking to me.




My ex talks to me in the dream and we treat each other as if we were in love. There is nothing between us but I miss him and now we are just strangers.

He asks me out and I really don't want to accept it his friends tell me to accept the date.

I look at him and he looks nervous. I accept the date and I can see his happiness. His friends say he misses me and loves me.

And I don't answer them but I feel uneasy because the truth is that I still have feelings for him.


Hello Jesica,

Your dream is interesting and I thank you for sharing it with us. First of all, dreaming about your ex is very disturbing. But it does not systematically mean that you have to go back to him. I will explain in the following lines the symbolism of your dream.

To begin with, dreaming about your ex is a sign of the nostalgia you feel at the moment. It may be that you want to relive the past.

If you are in a relationship, seeing your ex in your dream indicates some sexual frustration in your current relationship.

On the other hand, you may be recalling bad behavior from your ex-partner that is being repeated in your current relationship.

If you are in a conflict situation with your partner, it is important to communicate with each other in order to find out what is wrong with each other.

Beyond nostalgia, your subconscious is calling you on your current state of mind. You are disturbed by a situation as if the same events were going to happen again.

This is what prevents you from moving forward. You will have to mourn the past, take stock and make better decisions for the future.

Another connotation of your dream is lack of self-esteem. You are a person who feels a need for external approval at all times.

And your ex-partner played this role perfectly; what you miss. But you must know that a big change must take place inside you.

This work will have to come from within at the risk of weakening you further.

Jesica, this dream invites you to make peace with your past in order to better enjoy the present moment.

If you have doubts about your current projects, trust yourself and everything will work out for the best.

With love,

Anne Anne



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