infection in aluminium trays

infection in aluminium trays




I found myself walking down long, narrow corridors, VAT me in a hurry and running away, running from someone or something.

I didn't know exactly what it was about, but I knew it was danger, that it was something that wanted to hurt me, I was lost among many people who were in that place.

I wanted to hide in a small chapel of 2m x 2m, there was an older man with white hair and beard, dirty, chubby, and he had an aluminum tray in his hands.

They looked like white mosquitoes, a lot of them piled up there, he offered me to take with my hand what was in the tray, I was afraid and ran away again, because I knew that mosquitoes were a horrible infection,

And whoever touched the mosquitoes with his hands was left with an infection in which there was a lot of pain and suffering, so when he offered me his tray I turned around ready to run away but I knew then that I was running all the time in a pantheon.

Those corridors were those of a cemetery, I saw the tombs crosses everywhere and it was just when I woke up, there ends my dream.

Immediately after waking up from that dream or nightmare I could remember it, and it was several minutes after waking up that I still felt the sensation of danger, my heart beats fast every time I remember it trying to find a meaning, thank you!


Hello Cinthia,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. It is normal for this dream to seem frightening in view of all the symbols you have seen and the fear you have felt. However, it is a good omen.

First of all, the long corridor of the cemetery in which you find yourself symbolizes a happy old age that awaits you. It is a sign that you know exactly what you want from life.

The graves symbolize the aspects of your personality that are disappearing. Your subconscious mind is emphasizing the maturity you have gained in recent times.

If you are running away in this dream, it is a sign of a temporary difficulty in accepting certain events that are happening to you. Your subconscious mind is inviting you to take responsibility for your actions, whatever they may be.

This situation of danger symbolizes a sign of weakness, it is your weak point that is a threat to you. There are people around you who wish you ill.

This is what justifies the presence of the crowd, a sign that you need courage to recharge your batteries and reflect on your situation.

The presence of this older man means that you are reaching important goals in your life and it portends that you will be satisfied with what you are about to accomplish.

However, the mosquitoes here symbolize a woman in your life who is characterized by an inferiority complex and will tend to make you feel bad about yourself.

In the end Cinthia, the suffering you felt in this dream symbolizes a feeling of insecurity and annoyance that you feel deep inside.

Kind regards,

William William



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