The appearance of Jesus in a deserted place

The appearance of Jesus in a deserted place




I dreamed that Jesus appeared and told me to go somewhere that was deserted, he showed me where I would have to go, that's all, and if I went there I would win 500 thousand reais, so I went with a friend, thinking that we would share the prize, passing through a dirt road, a totally deserted place.

When I got there and returned a message came on my cell phone saying that I would have won 1 million...anyway, it was a very real and strange dream


Hello Michèle,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. It is a rather atypical dream that delivers a special message because of the type of personality you have. I will give you right away the meaning of the symbols that you saw in this dream.

In your dream you saw Jesus, the symbol of the desire for perfection that is buried within you. Your subconscious mind highlights the need to regain confidence and to calm all those anxieties that often tend to invade you emotionally. For this you need to have a better approach to your spirituality.

This deserted place that you have seen symbolizes the emotional void that you have felt at some point in your life.

It is also the symbol of a difficult period where you will feel alone and forced to face certain difficulties.

The money in your dream symbolizes the perception that you have of yourself and also that of those around you. Through this dream, your subconscious is inviting you to increase your perceived value.

You need to become aware of the abilities you have to carry out projects in the emotional or professional fields.

There is a very good omen in your dream Michèle, it is the presence of this friend. Indeed, it symbolizes commercial success if you decide to start an activity, a business or something big.

It is a sign that good news is coming, for you will be blessed with happiness and prosperity.

This is confirmed by the message you receive on your phone in your dream which symbolizes the announcement of good news, but beware you must keep this information to yourself for the moment.

Sincerely yours,

William William



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