Dreaming of a fox talking to me

Dreaming of a fox talking to me




I dreamed that I was in a plain filled with fields on the horizon, at sunset I saw a brightly colored orange fox coming out of a bush and looking at me, believing that we were talking telepathically but without a sound, for several minutes and quietly left and disappeared into the wilderness further from my vision.

One night I also dreamed that I saw a fox head talking to me in an unknown language, without any noise around us, as if we were both in an unknown environment, in another world, in space floating with incandescent lights shining and coming out from all sides of this fox head.


Hello Ludovic,

We thank you deeply for the esteem and the confidence you place in us. First of all, it is important that you are zen about the turn of your dream, because there is nothing frightening, even less incomprehensible, quite the contrary.

You can agree with us that dreaming of an orange fox is clearly not common. This is what makes you an original person that many people around you are wrong to underestimate.

Your dream is a testament to your high intelligence, which may be the source of your solitary tendencies. You can easily fathom people's intentions without the need for an exchange of words.

All these precepts make you choose to stay in your bubble, which is not very desirable. Your dream thus sounds like a challenge.

It invites you to open up more to your loved ones, of course by following your intuition. You are capable of great things. But first, you will have to understand that some people understand you better than you think.

The rest of your dream only confirms this. The fox you see represents you. When he leaves in a bright glow, when he floats away, he is simply showing you the way.

Know that a fox can achieve anything it sets out to do. This is what makes him a dangerous subject, the object of his malice. Take control of your life, you deserve it.

Ludovic, if you are ever marginalized, you should know that this beautiful world will cheer you when the time comes. Smile at life, be aware of what you are and always try to apply morals and ethics.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Anne



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