Dreaming of fighting: what are the different interpretations?

Dreaming of fighting: what are the different interpretations?

Dreaming of a fight does not mean being a snarling person, but these dreams imply other meanings. Indeed, they are likely to manifest themselves at any moment and at any age to reveal unknown characteristics of our personality that are hidden and therefore unknown.

The aggressive character is a state of deflagration caused by certain realities that push us to act impulsively by wanting to attack the other.

Throughout this article, we will deal with the different meanings that can be given to the dream of fighting with someone. So read on to learn more about it!

Dreaming of fighting: general meaning

If you are attacked in your dream, this is a warning bell indicating strong resistance to you. In fact, such opposition comes from an external factor that signals that you are in a delicate position.

However, such an objection can also be internal and it means that you are objecting to yourself. In any case, it is necessary to react urgently and to adopt measures to leave this dangerous situation.

If you yourself are an aggressor in a dream, it is a matter of a powerful, unusable inner energy that seeks to escape in the violence of another. This overflow has to be channeled differently.

Sometimes it is a question of a dream of compensation, because you would not be sufficiently determined to oppose someone else. This dream intervenes to present you with an extreme way to get more fighting energy. People who fight in dreams have meanings:

  • a conflict within the psyche of the person who dreams ;
  • when this conflict is external, it very frequently expresses the presence of an internal conflict.

We cite for example the will to remain united with one's own and not to support the behavior of some people.

Meaning of dreaming of fighting and escaping from an aggressor

It may allude to ideas or assessments that you are obsessed with and that could harm you. It is impossible to escape from a judgment or negative words against you. It affects you and it will take all your strength to escape it.

On the other hand, your determination to guard against anything that might harm you is a matter of willpower. Use your tenacity and determination to make things happen in a positive way.

In the event that you witness a man fight, it is an argument that is taking place around you. You do not feel concerned and it is wise not to participate. Indeed, the contradictions which occur near you do not concern you, it is thus advisable to move away from it.

It is possible to free yourself from a possible conflict occurring in your environment. Don't hesitate to distance yourself and don't get involved in these frictions, because you won't gain anything.

It can also be a dream where we see women fighting and not men, it has to do with problems that you mention and that need your attention.

In general, women argue in a way that causes concern, as they show a great violence that we are not used to. It is possible to observe women who argue and try to work with them to solve the problems with words.

Dreaming of a fight without participating in it may be related to your work environment. There will be conflicting situations that are not directly related to you, but which may still disrupt your work pace.

The tension is very high because of the complexity of some of the situations encountered. Try to determine how to find tranquility in your life in this context. Avoid losing work, be insightful and fair and perfect what you need to improve.

Having the dream of fighting someone you know: what is the meaning?

This implies that a big surprise is coming your way. It does not mean that the situation is good, since it can also be a bad thing. Such a situation will make you think about your life and perhaps make some changes.

This dream is very exciting as it prepares you for good or bad developments. In any case, it will give you a better vision of how you can handle everyday situations and how you want to behave.

Having a clear vision of where you are in each of your days prepares you for anything and this dream gives you the opportunity. You just need to know how big and intense the struggle has been to know the upheaval that awaits you.

Fighting with a friend

It reflects the concern and need to break away from the patterns that dominate you, including the routine you are currently undergoing that causes dissatisfaction rather than happiness.

Such a dream clearly invites you to transform your life on a daily basis. It is necessary to determine at what exact level the process of change is required. Once this is done, you will surely be able to look at the rest of the activities from a different perspective.

Fighting between families

This means that you must recognize the facets of your character that have been hidden. It is very possible that the way you act masks who you really are.

You may be trying to present a public appearance that doesn't exactly match reality. Or you may hate something about yourself that you hide, but that is very painful to you. It's important to make some choices and be true to yourself.

Fighting against your companion

You are experiencing an inner disagreement and this exasperates you and is illustrated by this dream. You wish to overcome your uncertainty and you wish to impose your decision. However, this method is not wise as you may decide or do something you will regret.

Do not try to force yourself to do something. Be more patient, as anything you do is rushed and may backfire later. Strive for self-control and wait to see how events unfold.

These may be serious problems that you have encountered with the person with whom you are living and you should definitely seek solutions to them as soon as possible. Failure to resolve these conflicts leads to many more serious and damaging dysfunctions in the relationship. Choose the right time to invite him or her into a healthy discussion and to stop the arguments.

It is very likely that the couple is failing and without a way out. In this case, it is possible to make comprehensive statements about what to do and not to settle for perpetual conflict. It is necessary to heal on a spiritual level, because this fight weakens you.

Fighting with your boss

This involves submitting to criticism or corrections of work done in order to enhance the value of your work and contribute to the advancement of your career.

Don't see it as a hindrance. Although it is not pleasant to be corrected, it should be welcomed as a factor of personal development.

To dream of fighting with your rival

Dreaming of a fight with your opponent shows that one side of you is not able to express itself freely. You are literally stifling all your emotions. You feel that you are neglecting certain elements of your life. You want to find some balance between the different aspects of your life. It may also mean that someone owes you a debt.

This situation is quite normal, especially if you are in a long relationship. You are lucky and you can take advantage of it. Now it's time to keep fighting to get where you want to be, even if it's hard. If you already have your job, find a better one or a way to make yourself feel better. The most important thing is not to rush into your decision.

Dreaming of a confrontation with your rival indicates that one parent has the solution to the problem. It may also be a situation where you are entering another stage of your life.

You will see events clearly and be able to make an important decision. Afterwards, you will be able to release it without anxiety, in a calmer and more objective atmosphere. Value and manage everything you get wisely.

Dreaming of fighting in a specific environment: does it have a special meaning?

The subconscious mind can, in this dream, warn of a problem or the presence of a potentially dangerous situation. Prepare yourself for any eventuality, as arguments are generally risky since you do not know the exact reaction of the third person or yourself following the confrontation.

Remember that every dream is a warning for an event that is happening or will happen so, give special importance to every thing in your day, as you may be able to prevent an unpleasant event. Dreaming of fighting at school means that this phenomenon is very common. It most often involves individuals you know.

If you spot the same person you are fighting with in your dreams, you will have to deal with the conflicts that arise between you and them. School is a place where you have experienced moments that have marked your life forever. If you return to this institution in your dream, it indicates that you will have to go back to a situation that you have already experienced and that you wish to correct.

It is very important that you pay attention to how the dream is unfolding, to the feelings and emotion that you are expressing in this fight that is taking place in the schoolyard. This will give you clues as to what issues you need to address in your life right now.

Dreaming of fighting with someone and being in a losing or winning situation: how to interpret it?

If you are involved in a struggle, it is about the difficulties you face in your life. The seriousness of the confrontations to be born will depend on the violence of the struggle. So you will have to take your courage in both hands and fight the difficulty or the situation.

This kind of dream is always positive because it allows you to project what you need to solve a pressing situation. You still need to do something, but you are stymied and this dream pushes you to pull yourself together to resolve the situation.

Do not worry, victory is beneficial. It encourages you to overcome bad events to make your plans a reality. If you manage to win in this dream, it means that you will succeed in reality. Indeed, this dream confronts you with the truth. You are fighting daily and constantly to give the best of yourself.

If you are experiencing difficulties or conflict situations at the moment, try to calm down, as this dream is the meaning that you will get through it.

Being in a losing position means the exact opposite, namely :

  • you are currently going through a violent and painful period ;
  • You may experience physical discomfort in this situation.

It is necessary to give yourself an opportunity to recharge your batteries by meeting optimistic people who will help you overcome the current situation. Dreaming of being beaten by someone implies that you are going to lose your home or experience very serious financial difficulties.

Be glad you can dream about it, as you are able to make predictions very quickly.

Therefore, don't let time pass and react so that disaster doesn't surprise you. Check your accounts and debts and try to work out a payment schedule. This dream is a very valuable warning to keep in mind as you may be in for a terrible time.

Dreaming of fighting with an animal

Fighting with a dog means that the position you are currently occupying turns out to be in opposition to intuitive characteristics of yourself or someone close to you. It is urgent, in both cases, to grasp what is wrong in order to review your position. It is essential that you take into account the vital forces present in yourself or in another person.

You will not be able to continue in this direction because of a lack of respect for yourself and your loved ones. You need to change urgently. If your aggressor is a wolf in the woods, this indicates that the aggressive emotion you are struggling with and living with is threatening to become widespread.

Having the dream of fighting with a cat indicates that you need to get rid of someone in particular or something. You need to be more dynamic or lively. You may want to fit in with society's models of beauty. You are embarking on a spiritual path and at a heightened level of awareness. You may have been the victim of some kind of injury and feel protected by your feelings.

Dreaming of fighting with a witch

Dreaming of fighting with a witch implies that you fear that you are no longer attractive. It may be a death that is still fresh in your mind where you are denied access to a space that was previously granted to you.

The troubles or problems you are experiencing in your life are quickly resolved. You may be going through a period of reflection and introspection.

Having a dream of fighting with a witch shows that you are able to do what you want with your life. Now you can start the fight to achieve your new goal at work.

By dreaming of fighting with a wizard, you believe that everything will work out for the best, even better than expected. The relationship with someone in your family is strengthened and you will be able to feel very appreciated. So it's a matter of acting thoughtfully and you will escape many obstacles. You will manage to get away with it if you act correctly. The laughter you will see appearing around you will more than compensate you.

Expand your heart to the wonders of life. Let contingencies carry you through and do not stand in the way of any relationship. However, learn to discern the truth from mystifications or noises that will not bring you any good. Do not repeat old mistakes, learn from them.

Meaning of dreaming of fighting someone with a sword

Having dreams of fighting with a sword reveals that you are unfit to manifest and defend yourself. It may be about an individual or that a situation is affecting some aspect of your life. You will need to focus and dedicate yourself to a situation that has long been neglected. It may be that you do not feel competent or secure enough in an area of your life or that you are tied to a person or relationship.

Having a dream where you are fighting with a sword also represents the fact that sometimes it is necessary to say no to preserve your independence. Thus, you decide very well what suits you and what does not.

On the other hand, this indicates that you are an extremely sensitive person who is often guided by what your heart says. This person differs from others, but is worthy of the name. It happens to you to give the maximum of yourself, that contributes to make the spouse happier.

Thinking about fighting with a sword also symbolizes that you have the right words and attitudes and that you know how to be charming. Wait for things to happen naturally. A promise may come to you, it will give you hope. You will be more confident than ever before and that is a good thing.

You will find yourself loved and in agreement on both the external and internal levels. In this way, with serenity, state what you really desire and accept your expectation, soothe it and do not deny it anything.

Dreaming of fighting with someone: a very common meaning for men

Three variations are possible in this kind of dream :

  • either, we hit someone ;
  • or, we get hit ;
  • or, we witness a fight.

In all cases, there is a form of anger that is trying to manifest itself, a struggle that is being waged in many places and an anger that is trying to express itself. From a Freudian perspective, the fight in dreams is nothing more or less than the fight against oneself and one's destructive sexual impulses. Indeed, the superego (entity of surveillance and depository of the prohibitions) is in opposition with the impulsive aspect of our unconscious.

Through the fight, this tension is translated and allows the psyche to regularize, on a mode at the same time abstract and symbolic, struggles that the conscience has difficulties to assume. Dreams of this kind can also include a double dimension strictly compensatory. One fights against a painful event and one tries to make it disappear by having a dream (separation in love, professional problem, dismissal, various inconveniences...).

The struggle in Jung, as in Freud, is the translation of an internal problem. The persona dimension (the social character we present to others) is part of the Jungian approach.

The latter can be too powerful and take you away from your inner self. So you may put yourself on stage for a symbolic fight. This could bring out the sincerity of the spiritual life you wish to get rid of.

The debate is also a symbol of the presence of a fundamental component of the self that demands more sincerity and is willing to fight for it. The dreaming of striking is related to the aggressive nature of the act itself. This means that the roles you play in a nightmare are related to the battles you fight in real life to achieve your goals.

However, it is also possible that this dream symbolizes an aggression, physical or otherwise, towards us and that it is related to recent bad experiences.

As a general rule, these dreams of blows and injuries represent both positive and negative aspects of the notion of aggression. Indeed, on the one hand, it can signify your success in the realization of your dreams or on the other hand, it can refer to your negative experiences. It is up to you to decide which meaning to attribute to your profile.

However, the context of each dream being different, the variations that exist are likely to lead to new explanations.

That's why it can be useful to learn a little more about each of the potential variations that exist.

We hope that our interpretations and explanations given in this article will be useful to you in order to better give meaning to your dream and to exploit it in the best possible circumstances.


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