Going to church alone

Going to church alone




I dreamed about going to church alone and then I met my friends and boyfriend when I went out of the church.

Since then, I strolled around with them. I bought a bouquet of crocheted flowers but eventually,

Only one flower is left from the bouquet I was holding and the rest are just flower stems.


Hello Marielle,

The church, in dreams, can represent the search for meaning, comfort or a deeper connection, not only with oneself but also with the outside world.

Meeting your friends and companion as you leave church suggests a transition from a state of inner reflection or solitude to a phase of sharing and connection.

It may indicate that, in your waking life, you are seeking or have found a balance between your spiritual or inner life and your social relationships.

Crocheted flowers, unlike real flowers, don't wilt or die, perhaps symbolizing something lasting or carefully created in your life.

The fact that you end up with a single flower among stems evokes loss, change or transformation.

It could reflect a sense of losing something along the way or seeing aspects of your life transform, leaving only the essential or most enduring.

This dream invites you to reflect on what is truly important to you. It suggests that, despite loss or change, there is always a core element, represented by that single remaining flower, that remains constant and meaningful.

It can encourage you to consider what remains fundamental to your relationships and personal life, even when other aspects seem to fade or change.

Marielle, this dream is a beautiful metaphor for finding balance between solitude and companionship, between the spiritual and the social, and highlights the importance of recognizing and preserving what really matters to you.

It reminds you that, even in a bouquet of seemingly empty stems, beauty and meaning can lie in the simplicity of a single flower, a symbol of what is lasting and precious in your life.

Warmest regards,

William William



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