Everyone begged me at the door

Everyone begged me at the door




I was in a dream and carried my satchel to town.

I saw a familiar bank and waited at its doors.

I saw people young and old begging for food from me I gave them from the satchel and refused their money.


Hello Shadreck,

Your dream takes place in an urban setting, at the door of a bank, a place symbolizing wealth and financial security.

You find yourself there, not in search of wealth, but carrying a satchel, an object that, in this context, becomes a symbol of personal resources and altruism.

The fact that people of all ages come to you begging for food, and that you choose to give without expecting anything in return, speaks deeply of your nature.

You are someone who cares about others, ready to offer help and support without seeking material recognition or reward.

Refusing their money underlines your desire to act according to principles of pure altruism, where the value of help is not quantified by money but by the act of giving itself.

This dream may reflect an inner conflict or a reflection on material versus human values.

By choosing to donate food in front of a bank, you're highlighting a contrast between fundamental human needs and the often cold and calculating material world.

It may also suggest that you feel called to play a nurturing or protective role in your community or social circle, responding to the needs of others with compassion and generosity.

This could indicate a search for meaning and satisfaction in actions that transcend material transactions.

Shadreck, this dream is a powerful reminder of the importance of empathy, sharing and humanity in a world where material values often dominate.

It encourages you to continue to value and cultivate these qualities in yourself, reminding you that actions driven by the heart often have a deeper and more lasting impact than those motivated by material gain.

Your generosity and ability to respond to the needs of others, even in a dream, are testament to your deeply caring and altruistic character.

Yours sincerely

Anne Anne



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