I had a dream about my ex-boyfriend and his roommates.

I had a dream about my ex-boyfriend and his roommates.




My ex-partner and I were sitting together in the place where we both lived before the separation, in front of a table where a former roommate of his was also sitting.

The three of us were chatting pleasantly. He and I were back together as a couple. Suddenly other residents came over and started talking to me, happy to see me again, and I told them about all my accomplishments since I left (real accomplishments).

When I turned to talk to him he was gone and I knew inside me that he had felt bad about hearing all that even though he already knew. I went to the door of his room to look for him but when I got there I told myself that I shouldn't do that, that if he wanted to see me, that if he cared about me, he should come and get me.

I wasn't going to make the same mistake as last time. And I left. I didn't see him again even though inside I knew he was sad about everything.


Hello Adriana.

Thank you for submitting your dream. I imagine that you have many questions about the presence of your ex-partner in your dream. Don't panic. I will explain to you in great detail what it means.

Indeed, seeing an ex-partner in a dream is often a sign of nostalgia. It is a way of sending you back to the past, a need to relive it in a way.

The fact that your ex-partner is with you again in your dream, as if you had always been in a relationship, is a symbol of an aspect of your past relationship that has marked you and that you find difficult to erase.

In addition, the residents who have joined you in your dream are evoking your desire to break with the past. The proof is that you are telling them about all your accomplishments with a good heart. This is a sign of a new beginning in your life and work.

Seeing your ex-partner leave again is a symbol of an impending choice you will have to make in your new relationship. But know that you hold the keys to your own development.

And since you are following your ex-partner to his or her bedroom door, it suggests that you feel a sense of guilt towards your ex-partner for keeping you trapped in the past. You absolutely must move on or your emotions will be affected.

Adriana, this dream indicates that you need to take a break. Take stock of your past, but also of your present love situation. You have the strength and courage within you to control everything around you, including your emotions.

With kind regards,

Anne Anne



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