See my college crush

See my college crush




I constantly see in dreams, my crush and me together, very closely, sometimes as lovers and sometimes as friends. I can see his face and other features very clearly. We met at the University.

Even in dreams, I see the university most of the time. The thing is he already has a girlfriend and I have no hopes on him right now ( later I had). In dreams I constantly see I am telling him that I loved him no matter he already has a girlfriend.

I get a feeling like I was receiving a relief by claiming my emotions. I feel like whether my heart is regretting for not confessing.

I need to know the real meaning of this dream. Thankyou


Hello Kokila

Thank you for this dream that you are sharing with us. The symbols present here refer to an awareness and an important questioning on your part. I am explaining the message that your subconscious is transmitting to you.

The person you are in love with in this dream symbolizes your inner desire to feel loved and accepted.

This is why the meeting with your loved one here symbolizes your doubts and anxieties about your future.

It is also a sign that you may be confronted with a sentimental lie.

However, your subconscious wants to prepare you for any kind of difficult situation

This university that you see symbolizes all the skills that you have acquired so far and those that you will acquire in the future.

Your subconscious mind invites you to rely on your knowledge and skills to move forward in life.

If you feel that you are facing an impossible love, it is a sign that there are particular changes that will take place in your life.

This is what explains this declaration of love that you are making.

Indeed, it is a sign of imminent opportunities for you and of an important accomplishment in your life.

That's why you feel that sense of relief that things will eventually work out for you.

And even if you have a feeling of regret Kokila, it is simply a symbol of an awareness that is driving you inside.

In the end, your dream is a message of comfort from your subconscious mind, which wishes to see you put things into perspective, especially on a sentimental level.

You are promised a bright future, but you will have to be attentive to the opportunities that will be offered to you and seize them.

Sincerely yours,

William William



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