My teeth fall out and I spit them out.

My teeth fall out and I spit them out.




About a week ago I had a dream, I don't remember where I was or where I was, but I opened my mouth and my teeth started to fall out, I opened my mouth and a tooth fell out and I spit it into my mouth and cried with impotence.

Then I woke up and the first thing I did was to touch my teeth and verify that they were in my mouth.


Hello Karina,

It is very important to start by thanking you for the confidence to entrust us with such an intimate confidence. This step taken by you is a proof of your delicate personality.

We would like to reassure you on the turn of your dream, because against all understanding, it has nothing distressing.

Indeed, dreaming of losing your teeth can be upsetting, because any loss is synonymous with pain, neurosis and lack.

These feelings are not physical, but from your sleep, you could be aware of them. They are stumbling around in the depths of your being, which more than justifies your dream.

This dream probably sheds light on your fear of abandonment, which leads you to attach yourself to people who do not contribute to your existence.

Karina, you are a beautiful and sensitive person, even if you try to hide it. Know that there is nothing wrong with being privileged, on the contrary.

You certainly understand the situation and this dream is a trigger for you. The teeth that you are losing represent those close to you who are harmful to your development, those who consciously or unconsciously make you lose confidence in yourself. It is an inevitable passage to reveal your potential to the world.

In your dream, you spit the lost teeth out of your mouth and this reaction translates the powerlessness of your crying.

This ending is clearly not insignificant, because in the end, you will be relieved when you wake up to understand that in truth, you have not lost anything, but gained everything. You will be free to breathe happiness, to sail on the oars of a life full of enjoyment and abundance.

Receive our best wishes for courage,

Anne Anne



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