I dream of 3 rhinos in my hip

I dream of 3 rhinos in my hip




I walk into the cancer department and people have known me for a long time because I have had metastatic breast cancer to my bones and liver for 18 years (This is in my dream but it is also reality).

Continuation of my dream: the nurse tells me that they have found the origin of my illness, 47 years ago 3 rhinoceroses were lodged inside the bone of my right hip.

I meet my doctor (he is also in real life) he tells me did you hear the news, I tell him yes.

He asks me if I practice levitation which means for me the prayer to my Soul and to the Holy Spirit, I tell him yes. He tells me to continue.


Hello Carole,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. It takes a lot of courage to confide in such a situation. Contrary to what you may imagine, dreaming of a rhinoceros is a rather favorable sign. Without further ado, I give you the full interpretation of your dream.

The hospital is the place where your healing takes place. To dream of a hospital means that you feel the need to recover from that disease that is eating away at you in real life.

At first, dreaming that you develop cancer is a sign of longevity. Secondly, it may indicate a deterioration in your emotional state due to depression. You have lost all motivation, but it is crucial to feed yourself with positive energy.

Also, engaging in fun activities that take your mind off the disease will improve your quality of life.

If you have been dreaming that your liver is affected, this is a good sign that your diet is inadequate. It may be inadequate. A change in your eating habits is necessary. To achieve this, you should focus on physical exercise and reduce your calorie intake.

As for the rhinoceros that you saw, it symbolizes not only power, but also your uncertainties.

Its presence is not insignificant, because it invites you to show patience and perseverance in the face of the problems you encounter.

Moreover, the number 3 here represents a positive force that presages balance, change and evolution. It is for this reason that you must open yourself more to the outside world for your psychic balance.

Carol, your dream indicates that you are suffering from a lack of confidence that is affecting you cruelly. Don't feel guilty anymore and make choices that will positively impact your life.

Take care of yourself,

Anne Anne



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