Dreaming of teeth being pulled out and a bleeding jaw

Dreaming of teeth being pulled out and a bleeding jaw




I dreamt that I had irons placed on my jaw to immobilize it. Then they pulled out all my bottom teeth. I could not see the teeth being pulled.

But I was bleeding a lot from my mouth and the blood was flowing profusely. This happened in my grandparents' yard.


Hello Angelo,

You are right to submit your dream to us. I can imagine that you woke up traumatized by it. Especially by the presence of blood. But don't worry, I'll give you the meaning of the symbols in your dream right away.

Losing your teeth in a dream is perhaps linked to a fear that you have deep down. The fear of losing something or someone dear to you is expressed through your subconscious.

This dream may also announce important changes in your life. These are necessary for your personal evolution.

It is therefore the moment to devote more time to your physical and psychological well-being. This implies that you put aside your fears, for you are deeply afraid of any kind of change.

Losing your lower teeth means you have lost someone close to you and you don't have them in your heart. The presence of blood, on the other hand, means that problems are on the horizon. And you need to be prepared for them.

But one thing is certain, the solutions will come from you, from your actions. So be prepared to defend yourself tactfully so that you always have the last word.

As for the dream of the jaw, it must be said that it reveals that you do not have a good reputation in society.

You must be on your guard and think carefully when making decisions.

Angelo, through this dream, your subconscious is giving you a particular message. It invites you to accept the changes that are taking shape in your life.

Obstacles will arise to make your task difficult. Get inspired by your past experiences to avoid falling into the same clumsiness.

With kind regards,

Anne Anne



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