I am a snake owner

I am a snake owner





Excuse me for disturbing you, but a dream troubles me, I am a snake owner, in my dream he was in my car to move.

And I had to move away from my car. When I came back my car was vandalized and my snakes scattered in several houses. And I was catching them all.

What could this dream mean? This was not my street. The street was asphalt. The lots were lawns, dirt.

When I caught them I put them on my stomach to warm them up because it was cold. Thank you in advance. I hope you will have time to help me understand.


Hello Nathalie,

Don't apologize, you are not disturbing anyone, on the contrary! I thank you for sharing your dream with us and in spite of the fact that it disturbed you a little, you must know that your dream is very positive.

First of all, dreaming of a snake in your car is not a cause for concern. In fact, it is a sign of a new beginning that you want to make in life.

However, the fact that the snake is in your car and you are moving away from it means that someone from your past may be interfering with this new stage of your life that you want to start.

To take it a step further, this person may be the source of negative feelings that you have repressed and that are still weighing on your mind. It is time for you to learn how to manage your emotions in order to close this chapter of your life, otherwise it will haunt you forever.

Indeed, you dwell a little too much on the regrets of the past as well as on the various opportunities you have lost. This is the reason why in your dream, your car was vandalized.

Natalie, you need to act very carefully, consistently and calmly. And if someone tries to question your convictions, the best thing you can do is to remain calm.

By adopting this attitude, you will be able to take control of events. This is symbolized by the fact that in your dream you are catching your snakes.

In reality, Natalie, your dream is preparing you for great changes and a profound liberation, for it is time to put an end to the regrets of the past so that you can move forward in life.

With kind regards,

Anne Anne



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