My soul mate

My soul mate




It has been a year and i’m still dreaming about my ex.

I’v been through different situationships and relationships and still dreaming about her.

In my dreams, we’re always happy and get back at each other’s arms but in reality we’re like strangers who parted ways and not in good terms.


Hello Monique,

To find yourself, night after night, dreaming of an ex-partner, despite the time that has passed and the various relationships that have since been formed, is something quite common, but it remains deeply charged with emotion.

These dreams, in which you once again experience happiness together, stand in stark contrast to the reality where, today, your relationship seems more like that of two strangers than anything else, especially if you parted on bad terms.

These dreams may reflect an unconscious desire, an unfulfilled need for reconciliation, or a way of finding closure.

That sense of happiness you feel in the dream suggests that, in some way, you may be looking for ways to relive or rectify the happy moments you shared, or perhaps even to get some kind of resolution or understanding as to what went wrong between the two of you.

Dreaming about your ex could also indicate that this relationship has left an indelible mark on your perception of love and relationships in general.

Positive moments, as depicted in your dreams, may symbolize qualities or experiences that you hope to recapture or enhance in your current or future relationships.

However, the stark contrast between your dream contentment and the reality of your separation may also highlight the healing road ahead, or the emotional work required to truly move on.

These dreams could be your subconscious mind's way of digesting the loss, grief or lessons learned from the relationship.

These nocturnal visions invite you, Monique, to look sincerely at your emotional needs and desires, as well as the influence of your past experiences on your present emotional life.

They prompt you to ask yourself what a fulfilling relationship means to you, and how you might work to achieve that well-being, whether by making peace with the past or redefining your expectations for the future.

Understanding the emotions and aspirations revealed by these dreams could prove to be a crucial step towards healing and finding what you truly desire in a relationship.

Perhaps it's time to probe these feelings more deeply, perhaps with professional support, to gain clarity and move towards more fulfilling and harmonious relationships.

Best regards,

Anne Anne



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