Message from my ex on whatsapp

Message from my ex on whatsapp




My ex would send me messages on whatsapp, and tell me that maybe we weren't twins and that he met an amazing girl with the same name as mine, and then he would send me a picture of the girl. What can it mean?

Note: I am going through a moment of self-knowledge, discoveries, and personal and mental evolution.


Hello Leticia.

Thank you for sharing with us this dream which is quite particular. Indeed, dreaming about your ex is a sign that announces a set of turbulences that you have to face. I give you the meaning of the different symbols of your dream.

The presence of your ex symbolizes your need to return to a past that you want to relive, for example the carefree period of your childhood.

Your subconscious mind wants to alert you to past mistakes that you have made so that you avoid making them again.

The WhatsApp message you received symbolizes your connection to others and your friendship network. It is also a sign of unspoken communication in your surroundings, you are trying to say something to someone without saying it out loud.

Through this dream your subconscious mind is signaling that there is important and secret information that you are receiving, but that you are not necessarily taking into account.

This woman who appears as your rival is a bad omen. In fact, it is a sign that your life will be threatened on the sentimental and even material level.

Her picture also means that someone around you is going to surprise you in a negative way, by doing things you never expected. Your subconscious wants to prepare you for a potential betrayal by this person.

This breakup that your ex tells you is a good omen. It is a sign that your current or next relationship will be a source of longevity and happiness.

Your subconscious invites you to invest yourself fully in your relationship and especially to avoid being afraid of divorce or separation in general.


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