The rich man who distributed gifts.

The rich man who distributed gifts.




I saw in a line full of people and in the beginning of the line there was a wealthy man give out gift.

To some he gave food items to some he gave clothes, money and other things.

And it get to my turn so the man pick me out of the line and said what I need is money so he gave me money in different currency.


Hello Victor,

Your dream is interesting and we thank you for sharing it with us.

Receiving money from a stranger in a dream sounds like a warning that you should take into consideration. To enlighten you, I will explain in detail the meaning of your dream.

Standing in a line in your dream is a sign that you want to assert yourself in your community.

You feel the need to be understood by others. Then, your impatient nature pushes you to make many clumsinesses which harm you.

It is therefore time to go at your own pace in order to make more thoughtful choices in the future. These must be prioritized, because you deserve to be fulfilled.

Indeed, putting your desires before those of others does not make you a selfish person. On the contrary, it contributes to your mental balance.

In the next part of your dream, you see people receiving different kinds of gifts from a stranger.

Through this image, your subconscious mind invites you to understand that unexpected news will soon change the course of your life.

New perspectives are opening up for you and it is up to you to adopt the ideal posture for their realization.

Receiving money from a stranger in a dream means that you will be faced with large debts in the future.

Under these conditions, it is up to you to keep a very close eye on your finances. This will prevent you from finding yourself in an embarrassing situation.

In the end, your dream invites you to be lenient with yourself. For you, stand out from the crowd, be patient and persevering. Above all, do not forget to control the course of your finances.


Anne Anne



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