Going to the temple

Going to the temple




I was in a house where many people were getting ready me and my family decide to go to temple and suddenly i my family left me alone there is lot of stairs which were taking up somtime down in between there is a water lot of water as obstacles whatever path i chose for temple turnout to be wrong


Hello Niyati,

Your dream plunges you into a spiritual adventure, highlighting the personal challenges you're facing.

Initially, you are surrounded by family, a symbol of support and solid foundations.

However, the path to the temple, a place of peace and inner quest, isolates you, revealing a road full of pitfalls that you must travel alone.

Stairs and water as obstacles illustrate the ups and downs, as well as the fluctuating emotions that mark your journey.

Choosing a path that turns out to be a dead end can reflect the periods of doubt and questioning you're facing, highlighting a search for direction or meaning.

Far from being a simple test, this dream invites you to reflect. It encourages you to recognize and accept that the spiritual quest is often a solitary journey, punctuated by moments of solitude necessary for personal growth.

Every obstacle, every staircase, every water crossing symbolizes a trial to be overcome, a lesson to be learned.

Niyati, this dream is a mirror of your resilience, of your ability to navigate through uncertainties with faith and determination.

It reminds you that the path to spiritual awakening is not linear, but strewn with valuable lessons.

Embrace these challenges as opportunities to deepen your self-understanding and strengthen your faith.

Take a moment to reflect on the obstacles you encounter in your awakened life.

This dream urges you to look within for the resources to overcome these challenges, reminding you that even in solitude, you are guided and supported by a higher power.

In this introspection, you'll find the key to unlocking the doors to your inner temple, where peace and wisdom reside.

Your spiritual journey is unique, fraught with pitfalls and rewarding discoveries.

Embrace each step with courage and openness, for it is in surpassing yourself that true strength and inner light are revealed.

Yours sincerely

Anne Anne



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