Sitting next to a man

Sitting next to a man




In my dream I was sitting next to a man. I could only see our laps, sitting, next to each other, couldn't see our faces, or the rest of the body.

Another man's arm rested across my lap as he was trying to comfort or protect me. I couldn't see the rest of the body of this second man, but he felt familiar.


Hello Inam

Thank you for submitting your dream. I would like to tell you that this dream is not only revealing, but it also calls you to action in order to move forward. I will give you the meaning of the symbols you saw in this dream.

First of all, the fact that you are sitting next to an unknown man whose face you have not seen symbolizes a future success. Your subconscious mind is telling you that you will certainly experience emotional joy in the company of your friends and loved ones. This is confirmed by the fact that you see your knees in this dream.

Indeed, Inam, if you saw your knees, this symbolizes your sensitivity which is very often focused on your social relationships with others. Be careful because this will arouse jealousy from some people around you.

You are unable to see the faces of the two men next to you; this symbolizes a past situation that very often comes to haunt you, a betrayal perhaps? Your subconscious is calling out to you about a possible loss of identity on your part.

The positive point of your dream is this man who seems familiar to you, he symbolizes a good relationship with your partner or your current best friend, because your subconscious reveals that you are made to be together and to get along well, despite the potential tensions that may arise.

Ultimately, Inam, your subconscious wants you to trust each other a little more. You need to choose your relationships well and keep certain people out of your life.


William William



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