Driving with my sisters

Driving with my sisters

Jean Henri



I found myself in a vehicle with my two older sisters who had already passed away.

The driver of the vehicle is a brother-in-law, already divorced, with one of the sisters already dead in the vehicle.

We arrive at a plot of land and the car is parked in the garage.

We all get out.


Hello Jean Henri,

Your dream carries a wealth of symbolism, a journey between past and present where memories and feelings mingle.

Here you are in the company of your two older sisters, figures dear to your heart but who have left this world.

The driver, a brother-in-law with a past connection to one of your sisters, is at the wheel, directing this extraordinary journey.

The destination? A plot, a place marked by the intimacy of a garage where you all get off, one by one.

This picture, tinged with nostalgia and introspection, could well be an exploration of your consciousness, a look at the ties that bind, even beyond absence.

Your sisters, present in this vehicle, may symbolize the memories and lessons they have left you, indelible imprints on your life's path.

Their presence suggests that, despite their physical absence, they continue to play a role in your daily life, accompanying you and guiding you through trials and joys.

The brother-in-law at the wheel? A complex character, representing the choices and directions taken in your life.

His past connection with your sister adds a layer of reflection on relationships, on paths that cross, separate and then reconnect.

The fact that he leads you to a plot, then into a garage, evokes a quest for security, a need to find one's place, to park memories, experiences, in a safe corner of your mind.

To step out of this vehicle is perhaps to accept that the journey with those you've loved continues in a different way, that their influence lives on in the decisions you make, in the moments of pause and reflection.

It's a reminder that, in the garage of our consciousness, there's always a place for those who have marked our existence, a space where memories come to rest, offering comfort and wisdom.

This dream, Jean Henri, invites you to embrace the past, to recognize the impact of those who shared your path, even if they are no longer there in any tangible way.

It suggests that, in the garage of your heart, there's plenty of room for the lessons, love and light left behind by your loved ones.

In this part of your being, memories nourish your present, guiding you gently and strongly into the future.

Respectfully yours,

William William



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