Dream of a black unicorn emerging from the ground

Dream of a black unicorn emerging from the ground




I was in the middle of a trip from my hometown to my student town when I fell asleep on the bus.

I dreamed of a walk in my village where I saw a black unicorn coming out of the ground in front of me and I confess that in this dream I was not afraid of this vision.


Hello Arthur,

Thank you for submitting your dream to us for interpretation. You should know that this kind of dream results from a questioning about your past. I will explain to you in the following lines the strong symbols of your dream.

The first evocative symbol is the fact that you are dreaming of your native village. Generally, seeing a village in a dream presages health, sincerity, happiness and prosperity.

In your dream, the village is familiar to you, as it is your home village. This means that you will receive news from an old acquaintance, a loved one or a close relative.

Dreaming of your native village can also hide a refusal to grow up, an attachment to your native land. There is certainly a blockage linked to your childhood, a situation that prevents you from separating from the past and blocks your evolution.

This dream invites you to definitively heal certain wounds from the past that are suffocating you and that you are unable to get rid of.

Then, the sudden appearance of a black unicorn in your dream reveals an internal conflict that you are struggling with.

It may herald abrupt changes in your life. Also, since black unicorns can be associated with power and strength, it proves that you have the ability to overcome all dangers and have the upper hand in any situation.

Also, the fact that you were not scared in your dream is very positive. You felt safe.

Finally, you need to do some necessary introspection work to better move forward in the present. Sometimes this type of dream is a sign from your subconscious that asks you to return to reality. So keep it in mind.


Anne Anne



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