Stray dogs

Stray dogs




I dreamt that i was going to visit this place and i went through the gate and there were alot of people in the yard it looked like a village on its own.

As i was wondering around there was a girl I started talking to who seemed friendly and made me feel comfortable. I remember asking myself what I was doing here and why everyone was so busy no one familiar.

When I went back I saw a girl I used to be best friends with sitting with the girl I met earlier. I joined them immediately and the best friend was smoking hubbly I enjoyed our session until I remembered why I stopped being best friends with the girl and i left them sitting there.

I dont remember what happened in between but i was sitting with a group of people chairs set like we were supposed to watch a show.

Next to me was a white guy who at glance I felt a connection with and we started fooling around. Something happened in between I dont remember.

But I noticed dogs have been all around I started feeling scared cause I have a bad experience. I walked towards the gate when i turned around to come back i noticed a huge pitbull it came at me growling i told myself im not going to run or be scared although i really was.

The closer it came the more scared I got. it spoke to me and said only gods are allowed in here from which i understood it wanted me to be godlike so i put my head up and tried to walk with confidence passed it and it let me pass.


Hello Nzimazane.

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Facing stray dogs sounds like a warning. I will explain in the following lines the meaning of your dream.

To begin with, being in an unfamiliar place in a crowd may mean that you will make a very important decision that will bring a big change in your life.

Be aware, however, that your introverted personality sometimes pushes some people around you to manipulate you.

Your subconscious mind invites you to be firm and enterprising in order to achieve your goals. With strength, determination, and especially by facing certain aspects of your life, you will succeed.

Secondly, if you have dreamed about your ex-best friend, this may reveal your need for affection, as you are a kind person.

It is also a sign of a new beginning in your real life. New opportunities will come to you and you should seize them without hesitation.

On the other hand, your attitude in the dream towards your former girlfriend shows that you have an unfinished story that you are trying to run away from. This is the time to face it for your emotional stability.

As for the pit bull in your dream, this is a sign of a threat. Someone is exerting a domineering power over you at this time.

You will need to be careful, as you will be going through a difficult time that will have serious repercussions for you. Do not let your emotions overwhelm you.

Finally, seeing this dog talking to you means that you will receive support from someone to get you out of this situation.

In reality, it is your conscience that takes on the appearance of the pit bull to guide you. Nzimazane, trust your intuition and everything will work out for the best.

Kind regards,

Anne Anne



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