Money lost and found

Money lost and found




I got a lot of money, and after that money was stolen and hidden, but I came back and I found all that money in group where it was hidden.


Hello Didier,

Your dream, in which money plays a major role, shows us a great ambition for security and success, as well as fears linked to loss and recovery.

But in the beginning, even the fact of this money is something more than the banknotes on the account.

It's your energy, your efforts, your ambitions. You're gathering resources, probably not material ones, but these assets feel weak and threatened.

The upheaval, the loss, then the discovery of the treasure again may well represent, almost metaphorically, such an up-and-down dynamic.

It can be a signal or indication that reflects the ability to get through all levels of setbacks and somehow regain what has been lost - be it confidence, opportunity or relationships.

Perhaps it's also a dramatic reminder that all those sources within and around us stand far, infinitely farther away, out of reach.

But it has to do with the fear of screwing up or losing something we've really worked to achieve.
But finding that money, where it's been hiding all along, shows a pretty amazing resilience. You have it in you to cope with complex circumstances or to recover from a death.

This dream is a critical confrontation with reality, as the whole dream is linked to questions of good fortune and security.

It's about a need for protection against a horde of uncertainties that life can bring.

But beyond that, it allows us to see a way to find our way back, to regain what has been lost, and perhaps to find our true value elsewhere - in the person we are, in relationships, or in the ability to reinvent ourselves.

So, in your quest for meaning, Didier, remember that these tests often teach us the best practices to follow, not only for ourselves, but also for life.

Suppose your dream is not to lose and find, but to find and cherish things that, unfortunately, are superficial to you.

It's time to see these cycles not as threats, but as opportunities for growth and renewal.

Step by step, with each of these obstacles overcome, you've actually moved closer to the things that, honestly, are meant to matter to you.

It's a dream of calling to your deepest self, which not only summons its curiosity, but also longs to seek, to question, to dig beyond the surface of things. Your depths call to you, and within them lies a treasure greater than all the gold on earth.

Respectfully yours,

William William



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