Dreaming of my boyfriend

Dreaming of my boyfriend




I dreamt that he asked for my forgiveness, hugged me and kissed me. Whereas in real life we've been angry for 1 month. But what caught my attention was that I dreamt of him for 3 nights in a row.


Hello Gwladys,

Your boyfriend was asking for your forgiveness, consoling you with hugs and kisses in the dream, when in fact, during that same dream, you felt so cold at the time.

The dream must be a longing for reunion and closer relationships. The fact that this dream has recurred for three consecutive nights only underlines its importance and place in your subconscious.

These dreams suggest that, despite current tensions, part of you is longing to regain lost harmony and affection.

They reflect your inner need to heal wounds and reopen the longed-for bond of affection. The reappearance of the dream underlines the internal struggle and your tireless hope that things will improve between the two of you.

We can see these as dreams that clearly describe your vulnerability and strength.

They clearly reflect that even in these difficult moments, your heart will try to repair and forgive. Nevertheless, these dreams also invite you to reflect on the current situation.

They can be a sign that you're ready for dialogue, to express your feelings and listen to those of your partner.

The fact that he has forgiven and even reconciled with you in the dream signals a strong desire to reconcile and bring balance or harmony to the relationship. It's an indication of your hope and faith in your relationship's ability to overcome the obstacles standing in its way.

However, it's essential to approach reality with pragmatism. These dreams show a possible way forward, but they also remind you how important it is to communicate openly and honestly. Think about what these dreams illustrate about desire or emotional need.

Perhaps this will be the moment for a really enjoyable dialogue with the partner, where common dreams are shared with another person, and your dreams become a starting point for expressing your deepest feelings.

Gwladys, these dreams are a call not to ignore what your heart is trying to tell you. It shows that forgiveness and love, as well as communication, are part of repairing relationships.

The appeal they make to your unconscious has no other purpose than to encourage resolution and peace, showing that beyond conflict, love and understanding can be restored.

Kind regards,

Anne Anne



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