Dreams of spiders and their webs

Dreams of spiders and their webs




The first one was like golden and transparent. It was running across my kitchen island and I wanted to kill it, but I figured I'd just grab it by one leg and pull it out. I wasn't afraid, but she was. As I reached forward to grab her, I woke up.

The next day I dreamed of a plumper black one and she was weaving her way from one end of my apartment to the other over my head starting at the top of the wall on the right and working her way down on the left at the other end.

I was scared, because the web was huge and the spider was going very fast and passing very close. I even got caught in the web, but I feel more like it was weaving quickly to prevent something from getting to me, because it could have easily gotten to me when I was caught.

I got out and was asking someone to help me. I don't know who, because I was still looking at the spider, but I felt it was a man I knew.


Hello Veronique,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Seeing spiders in a dream can be confusing, especially if they have an unusual color.

Although your dream has some negative aspects, you should know that it carries some revealing messages about your surroundings. I will explain the symbolism of your dream right away.

First of all, dreaming of spiders is very common. The first interpretation depends on your relationship with your family.

Indeed, the spider can represent your mother or other members of your family who are invading and suffocating you.

In your dream, you see a golden, transparent spider. It symbolizes an improvement in the current situation. It may also represent an upsetting situation that is holding you captive.

If you are trying to take the spider in your dream but can't, it's because the situation is beyond your control.

Now is the time to be assertive and, if possible, to get away from any negative vibes.

Secondly, since the spider is an animal that attracts different types of insects into its web to devour them, the same pattern can happen with you.

So be on your guard. And for your own serenity and personal growth, don't be fooled by the soft and deceptive appearance of those around you.

Finally, the presence of a large black spider announces a succession of disputes that you will have to face.

The end of your dream presages family conflicts, as you are trapped in the spider's web, but ask for help.

This means that this situation will have a happy ending, and it will be through someone you know.

Veronica, this dream invites you to be suspicious of those around you. Assert yourself, for you are the master of your life.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Anne



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