Night falls on the bike path

Night falls on the bike path




I was cycling on the road away from home until I reached a point where it was getting dark.

I stopped and when I went to look for my bike it was gone. I felt very confused and desperate because I had no way to get back. It was already dark and I didn't know how to get back.


Hello Mile,

Thank you for trusting us with the interpretation of your dream. Feeling so confused and lost in a dream is never pleasant.

But beyond what your dream shows, there is a deeper explanation to each fact of the dream.

Your dream specifically revolves around the bicycle. You should know that this kind of dream calls for a search for stability.

Whether it is academic or professional, family, social, love, there is an imbalance somewhere.

And it is to remedy this that your senses make you have this dream. You are looking for a balance to get better in real life.

The fact that you are riding the bike in question is a good omen. This implies that success and happiness are on the horizon.

At the end of your quest, you will find the stability you seek. On the other hand, riding a bike in your dream also means your independence.

Nightfall in your context does not indicate anything positive. This warns you not to rely on those around you for support.

In your search for a better life balance, some of the people around you will disappoint you. You should not expect anything from them.

Losing the bike afterwards in the dream shows that you will lose your bearings due to a lack of support.

You must keep your head on your shoulders at this time and remember that it is up to you to fight for your independence.

Like the energy you put into riding a bike, you must work on your own to achieve your goals. Take care of yourself.

Best wishes,

Anne Anne



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