Moving to a new home

Moving to a new home




I dreamed that I arrived in a house that had just been built and not yet painted, that there were boxes and that the person who accompanied me put down the last box and told me that we were finished and that we only had to buy a vacuum cleaner.

But this person at the moment is very cold with me because there is someone else.


Hello Laelie,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Moving to a new house in your dream reveals your desire to change your life. I will explain the symbolism of your dream in more detail.

It is not uncommon to dream of moving. First of all, this dream carries several messages for you.

To begin with, if you are impetuous by nature, this may be the time to correct this side of your personality.

On the other hand, if you are introverted, it is time for you to free yourself to take the lead.

It should be noted that in either case, the house is a representation of your inner self.

This change is therefore internal and symbolizes a form of rebirth. To achieve this, you must leave the past behind and think about your well-being. It is time to pursue your goals.

On the other hand, dreaming that you are moving can mean that it is time to open a new chapter in a situation that is currently troubling you.

At the same time, your dream may herald a financial loss. Be careful with your spending and take steps to control your finances.

Finally, if someone helped you move in your dream, it reveals a disappointment from someone very close to you.

This betrayal on their part must have hurt you deeply. This is an opportunity to have a serious discussion with them about your expectations.

Laelie, this dream is a call from your subconscious for you to get your act together. You will have great opportunities that will significantly change the course of your life.

Obstacles will arise, but you will be able to work around them to achieve your goals.

Sincerely yours,

Anne Anne



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