Dreaming of a beige dinosaur attacking a bus

Dreaming of a beige dinosaur attacking a bus




I was on the bus to go I don't know where and I know I was super confused it was like the bus was not going in the direction I wanted and suddenly I feel a tremendous pain in my hand and I scream for them to call the fire department or someone to help me but no one reacts and some people get off the bus.

Even though I was very weak I went to the driver and scolded him saying that it was not normal that he had not done anything while I was screaming and he answered that he did not hear anything and that he was going to check on the cameras.

Then we looked together and saw that what bit me was a very small beige dinosaur.


Hello Alma.

I hope that my return comes at an opportune moment to allow you to see your dream more clearly. You had a dream that seemed quite confusing in general. Let's start by discussing the first symbolism, the bus.

To dream of being on a bus as a means of transportation is a sign of addiction. It's not always that, but that's what your particular case reveals.

You are forced to go through a group dynamic to get by. This may also reveal that you are forced to depend financially on others.

Then, you were going to a destination you didn't know about. This suggests that in reality, you are being guided in a direction you may not like. Very often, this is related to the professional field.

Now we come to your state of confusion. This is a dream that reflects your current reality. You are in a kind of chaos right now. This dream reminds you that you need to get your life in order.

Otherwise, you will be putting your energy unnecessarily into things that are not worthwhile. It could also mean that you have done things that you are not particularly proud of.

Then, the bite of the beige dinosaur. Already, you should know that dreaming about a small dinosaur says a lot about your attitude towards others. You would sometimes tend to feel superior to others. This is a rather risky state of mind and your dream gives you proof of it.

Understand, Alma, that those people you considered inferior to you may come after you. You are called to be more careful. I hope that I have helped you understand the issues in your dream and I wish you courage.

Best wishes,

Anne Anne



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