I saw my ex-boyfriend on crutches

I saw my ex-boyfriend on crutches




I saw my ex boyfriend is at my home standing infront of me with the help of two white crutches and and his right leg is broken and he also took support of a boy’s shoulder what does it mean?


Hello Alisha,

Your dream in which your ex-boyfriend appears with crutches and a broken leg in your home is full of symbolism, perhaps revealing your deep emotions about the end of this relationship and your current perception of your ex.

The fact that he's leaning on white crutches and needs the support of a shoulder to stand on may symbolize his vulnerability or present difficulties.

Crutches, used to support someone unable to walk alone, could indicate that you feel or fear your ex is going through a period of weakness or recovery.

It may also reflect your own concerns about his ability to move forward without you or someone else's help.

His presence in your home, a personal and intimate place, suggests that these concerns or feelings about him still occupy a place in your thoughts or heart.

It may also mean that, despite the separation, there is still a sense of intrusion or emotional impact linked to his presence in your life.

Your ex's broken leg can be interpreted as a metaphor for the impact or consequences of the break-up on him or her, or on both of you.

It can represent the challenges or suffering associated with this separation, or perhaps the healing that has yet to occur.

Alisha, this dream encourages you to explore your feelings after the breakup, including compassion, residual worries, or the need for closure.

It emphasizes the importance of processing your emotions and finding peace with the end of this relationship.

This could be an opportunity to reflect on your own healing process, recognizing that, like physical fractures, emotional wounds require time and care to heal.

This dream can also encourage you to let go of any remaining guilt or preoccupation, allowing you to move forward into the future with greater serenity and confidence.

Yours respectfully

William William



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