Wearing sandals with stiletto heels

Wearing sandals with stiletto heels




I dreamt I was wearing silver high heeled sandals and I was also wearing a short pink dress with ...what does that mean svppp?? Real question


Hello Zineb,

Stiletto heels, often symbols of femininity, elegance and a certain authority or confidence, could signify your aspiration or affirmation of these traits in reality.

Silver, as a color, is frequently linked to the modern, the futuristic, and the new, perhaps suggesting that you are moving into the future with confidence and panache.

The pink dress, on the other hand, adds a layer of softness, affection and kindness to your dream image.

Wearing such an outfit could indicate your desire to express these qualities, or reflect your current emotional state of tenderness and openness.

Together, these elements sketch the portrait of a person seeking to harmonize strength and gentleness, assurance and sensitivity.

They could represent your quest for balance between various facets of your being or existence.

Nevertheless, it's crucial to note that, while high heels symbolize confidence, they can also evoke challenges or situations of vulnerability, given the difficulty of moving with ease.

This could mean that, while you aspire to move with confidence and elegance, you recognize the obstacles associated with doing so.

Zineb, this dream encourages you to meditate on the balance between your expression of power and vulnerability, as well as on how you envision your future.

It could be a reminder of the importance of walking through life with confidence, while remaining true to your sensibility and your heart.

Best regards,

Anne Anne



Zineb 02/26/2024 15:18

Thanks for your reply! See you soon!

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