Childhood school

Childhood school




I keep dreaming of going back to my childhood school. And when ever I pray against it. I dream about it every night I sleep.

And also I keep dreaming of me preaching and praying speaking in tongues.


Hello Suzan,

Frequent dreams of returning to your childhood school and seeing yourself preaching and praying, speaking in tongues, weave a complex of emotions and spirituality into your subconscious.

These dreams, persistent despite your prayers, seem to reflect many dimensions of your inner life and spiritual journey.

Returning to your childhood school may symbolize a quest for understanding or reconciliation with your past.

School, often perceived as a place of academic, personal and social formation, could here represent an exploration of your origins, your first learnings, or perhaps unresolved moments from your youth that continue to affect your present.

The repetition of these dreams "every night" indicates an effort by your subconscious to draw your attention to aspects of your life or personality in need of deeper introspection or healing.

It could be that important lessons or messages from that period of your life have yet to be integrated or understood in your present situation.

Dreaming of preaching and praying while speaking in tongues emphasizes a deeply spiritual aspect of your being.

It can signal an intense connection with your faith and a powerful expression of your spirituality.

Speaking in tongues, often interpreted as a form of divine communication, can symbolize a quest for guidance or a deeper connection with the divine, or a desire to express aspects of your spirituality that escape conventional modes of communication.

Suzan, these dreams encourage you to explore the relationship between your past and your present spiritual identity. They challenge you to reflect on how your childhood experiences and faith influence your life path and the way you express yourself.

Perhaps there are keys to your present spiritual development in your past, or important messages to decipher.

These dreams may also remind you of the importance of accepting and integrating all facets of your life experience into your spiritual journey.

Yours sincerely

Anne Anne



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