Illness and prayer

Illness and prayer




A girl dreamed about me and in this dream I was really sick and she came to me and held out her hand and I immediately grabbed her hand and she prayed for me saying you are healed in the name of Jesus and also women who were around me all unhappy with her presence.


Hello Albako,

This dream in which you appear ill and an acquaintance intervenes to pray for your healing is rich in symbolism, evoking themes of vulnerability, healing, and complexity in social and spiritual interactions.

Your state of illness in the dream may symbolize a period of difficulty or vulnerability in your waking life, perhaps a time when you feel particularly weak or in need of assistance.

Illness in dreams can also represent the emotional, spiritual or physical challenges you're facing.

The intervention of this acquaintance, who offers help and prays for you, suggests a message of healing and support.

Accepting his help and receiving his prayers for your healing signify your receptivity to help and healing, whether from outside or from your own faith and hope in recovery.

The fact that she invokes the name of Jesus in her prayer may underline the power of faith and the role of spiritual belief as a means of comfort and healing.

The negative reaction of the women around you to her actions highlights questions around acceptance and judgment within your community or social circles.

It may reflect a sense of discomfort or conflict related to different beliefs, values, or perceptions of others regarding your healing process.

Albako, this dream prompts you to reflect on your own healing path and the sources of support in your life.

It encourages you to consider the importance of openness to others, acceptance of help, and the power of faith or personal beliefs in the healing process.

The dream also invites you to examine your relationships with those around you and how you navigate between support and judgment.

It's crucial to recognize the forces, both internal and external, that support you in moments of vulnerability, while remaining attentive to the impact of social dynamics on your well-being.

This dream is a reminder of the complexity of healing, which integrates spiritual, emotional and social aspects.

Yours sincerely

Anne Anne



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