Dreaming of my Family

Dreaming of my Family




brother and sister with whom I have no contact are with me orientation and cleanliness problems with them. A hairdresser cuts my hair and makes me a mask with food.
I wake up feeling unwell, anxious and sad. A restaurant is always present


Hello Katia,

Your dream draws a complex picture of family elements, interweaving the distance felt with your brother and sister with themes such as orientation and cleanliness, before culminating in an unusual scene at the hairdresser.

This dreamlike landscape seems to echo deep-seated concerns about family dynamics, your self-image, and the emotions associated with these relationships.

The presence of your brother and sister, despite a lack of communication in the real world, suggests that family ties remain an important subject in your subconscious.

The challenges of orientation and cleanliness could represent states of perdition or confusion about how to navigate these bonds, or perhaps a desire to re-establish order and clarity in your family interactions or in your existence more generally.

Your visit to the hairdresser, marked by a haircut and the application of a food mask, carries strong symbolism.

In the world of dreams, hair can embody your self-image, and its loss can evoke a transformation or change in that image.

The use of food as hair care could reflect a quest to heal or care for some part of your being, perhaps your self-esteem or emotional health.

Feelings of discomfort, anxiety and sadness on awakening are evidence of the impact of these themes on your inner self.

The restaurant, a recurring place of conviviality and nourishment, could symbolize a need for comfort, support or belonging, in the face of a feeling of isolation or detachment from your family.

Katia, this dream invites you to explore your emotions towards your family and the influence of these relationships on your personal perception.

It encourages you to contemplate the transformations you wish to bring about to achieve inner peace.

Perhaps it's time to consider steps toward healing or reconciliation, both within your family and with yourself, to overcome feelings of disorientation and regain a sense of order and clarity in your emotional sphere.

Yours respectfully

William William



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