Confused dreams in a restaurant

Confused dreams in a restaurant




I dreamt that I left my house, well dressed on the top but in tattered shoes. Went to a high end restaurant and changed my shoes and wore good shoes.

I met affluent people and saw fine dining. I said hallo to an affluent personality and immediately saw my rich father who I have not seen for 10 years


Hello Roy,

Thank you for sharing this disturbing dream with us.

It contains warnings from your subconscious about your current lifestyle. I'll explain everything in detail.

In this dream, the tattered shoes symbolize your emotional state in the face of a preoccupying situation.

Your subconscious is therefore inviting you to combat stress and anxiety by changing certain attitudes. This means focusing on yourself and your goals.

What's more, you need to be careful when making decisions, thinking about their future consequences. Stay alert and don't underestimate your skills.

If you end up wearing new shoes, it means that a change will have a positive impact on your life.

It may also reveal your desire to discover new horizons and try out new experiences. But remember that traveling can be risky.

On the other hand, meeting wealthy people in a restaurant can be a sign of humiliation for someone close to you. Your subconscious is telling you to stay away from hypocritical people.

What's more, you may be reconnecting with an old friend. The person you've been estranged from will reappear in your life, and this meeting will be a source of joy for you.

Later, seeing these wealthy people reflects your desire to fulfill your dreams and realize your ambitions. This dream indicates that you are on a promising path to professional success.

That's why you find yourself in this fine restaurant. It represents your aspirations.

Finally, seeing your wealthy father in this restaurant is a sign that you want to get closer to him. The memories you have of him overwhelm you.

Yours sincerely

Anne Anne



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