Crying in my dream

Crying in my dream




I see my self being maltreated in my dream and I cry and when I wake up I see tears on my face


Hello Efe,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. It reveals a number of things about your personality and character.

Your subconscious wants to calm you down about certain things that may have affected you.

First of all, Efe, I'd like to tell you that the sadness you feel particularly throughout this dream means that you are deeply affected by an event.

It's also a sign that you tend to let go and want to give up.

In your dream, if you see yourself being mistreated, it represents your inner anger.

According to your subconscious, you sometimes feel helpless in certain situations.

Your crying is simply a symbol of hidden grief, or grief that you sometimes seem to underestimate.

Your subconscious is highlighting the fact that there's a particular event you're having trouble accepting.

That's why you see those tears streaming down your face.

It's a symbolic representation that you've suffered an injustice in your life.

It's also the representation of the loss of a loved one who has particularly affected you.

And those tears running down your face in particular are symbolic of deep revelations about your own character.

Here, your subconscious brings to the fore who you really are, unlike what you may let show in your environment.

In the final analysis, Efe, your dream is a challenge to who you really are.

However, your subconscious wants you to approach certain situations in your life differently.

You need to put into perspective the events that are happening to you and over which you have no control.

Yours sincerely

William William



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