Meaning of a dream with a wedding dress: interpretations

Meaning of a dream with a wedding dress: interpretations

The world of dreams is a world that is still very little known, the most experienced doctors, as well as the most experienced psychoanalysts still can't find the real functioning of the brain during sleep, and the way in which it conceives dreams.

Many times, we see strange scenes during our sleep that we did not really think about during the day.

And yet, as soon as our eyes are closed, and we fall into a deep sleep, we begin to visualize images and facts, which can be completely unreasonable in many cases, but which can also have many meanings, as well as significant repercussions in our life.

Some people firmly believe that the dream is a message from destiny or from the universe, to inform us of a situation we are experiencing at the moment, of a happy or depressing event that will take place in the days to come, or to warn us of a character or a defect in our personality, or in our way of acting, thus inviting us to correct and rectify it

Any little girl has ever dreamed of wearing the most beautiful princess dress that can exist. A dress that is made of tulle, and has a very voluminous bell shape.

She always wanted to play the role of a fairy, or a princess. Once she grew up and became an adult woman, she only dreamed of one thing: to wear the famous white dress one day.

In the rest of this article, we will discuss the main interpretations that can make sense of this dream, and bring some clarifications to this vision.

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Reasons why a person has a wedding dress dream and its meaning

Dream of wedding dress the meaning

The causes that can push a person to have dreams are multiple, although they still remain only in the box of the hypothesis, but it is nevertheless suggested that the last meal taken before going to sleep, influences enormously the functioning of the brain at that moment.

Fatty and heavy meals usually cause nightmares at night, so specialists strongly advise not to eat too much in the evening, and to be satisfied with a light meal, which can satisfy the person and take away the feeling of hunger.

Moreover, the dream can be the mirror of our psychological state.

Indeed, if we have been feeling sad for a while now, we will tend to have dreams that revolve around the things that are tormenting us at the moment.

We can then see for example long hours of crying alone in a room, while everyone else is living the most normal life around us, this is the proof that we feel terribly alone, and that we have a deep need to be surrounded, and especially to be comforted.

The same goes for the feeling of joy, when we are going through a moment in which life is smiling on us, and we are probably experiencing the best moments of our lives, at night while we are sleeping, we will see dreams that involve money, parties with family members, moments at the beach, picnic scenes, etc.

But there are some dreams that are more recurrent than others, and that can occur many times in a person's life, such as the famous dream of the wedding dress.

Indeed, any woman has already seen herself wearing it at least once in her sleep, and once awake, she feels like lost, torn between the joy of having lived this sensation, even in a dream, and a little sad to realize that it is finally only a fleeting scene.

The wedding dress is a fantasy for most women in the world. Every woman has imagined herself standing in front of her mirror, greeting her guests, while wearing a beautiful white dress, symbol of her wedding.

If many people have this dream, it is indeed because there is a point in common between them. Neurologists unanimously affirm that the fact of thinking too much about a subject, and spending several hours thinking about it, has repercussions in the evening during sleep, as if the brain created this dream in order to satisfy the desire of this person, and to evacuate all the frustration which is attached to it.

The meaning of the dream of the wedding dress according to the age

wedding dress according to age

From a certain age in particular, women see themselves wearing white dresses, simply because they deeply want to do so, because they want to say yes to the man of their dreams, and to be the one who catches all the eyes during the D-day.

This dream of a little girl evolves according to her age, but nevertheless remains unchanged, even when the person becomes an adult.

It is important to emphasize the difference between voluntarily thinking about the wedding, and the famous white dress, and never thinking about it at all, or at least, that is what a person might think. It is important to keep in mind that thinking about a subject can be done in many ways, not just the simplest.

The brain of the human being is so complex, and its functioning is so mysterious, that it can reflect during the dream, many thoughts that have been for a long time repressed and buried.

Indeed, the brain has several levels of consciousness. On the one hand, there is the conscious brain, that is to say the one that allows us to be aware of everything that happens around us, and to participate in it.

And on the other hand, there is the subconscious brain, this one is not really defined yet, but it is based on the idea that the desire of the human being can be done in an indirect way, even if the person pretends to say the opposite.

Thus, if a woman admits that she does not wish to get married, this is not necessarily true, because deep inside her, in a lost corner of her memory or consciousness, wearing the white dress remains one of the most important dreams of her life.

Seeing himself putting it on may reveal that his feelings and words are somewhat contradictory.

What is the meaning of the dream of the wedding dress on her wedding day?

dress on her wedding day

The dream of the white dress is one of the dreams that any woman has experienced once in her life.

In circumstances that may vary from one situation to another, depending on one's mood at the time, one's emotional state, one's personal and financial situation, etc.

The dream is therefore the sum of several factors that come into play, and that directly affect its conception.

As far as the wedding dress is concerned, well, it can have several meanings, when seen during the dream.

A woman who prepares for her wedding, and who runs around to make sure that the big day will be just as she always wanted, is a woman who will undoubtedly see herself wearing her white dress in the evening.

In this case, it is not necessarily a dream, but a form of outlet that the human body employs, in order to reduce all the stress that it undergoes because of these preparations.

The meaning of this dream does not therefore carry a particular message.

In the opposite case, in other words, a woman who is not engaged or even in a relationship, and who sees the white dress on her during her sleep, may have some questions about it.

In general, it is said that the wedding dress is not really a good omen in most schools of interpretation, because it is said that it rather means the opposite, that is, that the person in question is likely to remain in his state of celibacy for a long time to come, and that he is not ready to meet true love soon, let alone to say yes to his soul mate.

Again, this is only a subjective meaning, which some interpreters have deduced through a series of observations and readings. The context of the dream, the setting, the people who are present, also influence the meaning.

The meaning of the dream of the wedding dress at the wedding of another person

wedding dress of another

Sometimes a woman sees herself in a dream, being invited to celebrate the wedding of a friend or family member.

Except that there is a detail which remains rather strange, and which pushes to ask questions. She sees herself wearing the wedding dress, while it is not her party.

This can be interpreted as a deep sense of jealousy that she feels towards the real bride.

It can also be a question of envy towards her marriage. She then wishes that the husband in question would marry her, and not the one he has really chosen.

This type of dream can also mean that the person does not feel good about themselves, especially if they have just been hired in a new job.

This dream may simply mean that she is not in her element, and that it would be advisable for her to seriously review her decisions, and to think above all of her well-being.

What is the meaning of the dream of the wedding dress that is not white?

red wedding dress

We all know that white is the universal color of the white dress, because it is supposed to reflect modesty, as well as the chastity of the person who is about to lead her life next to the man she has chosen.

But what would a wedding dress of a color that is not white mean?

Interpreters say that in general, this would mean that the woman is not really happy with the decision she made, saying yes to that man.

This dream can then reflect a certain feeling of regret and questioning of his new marital situation.

The meaning of this dream is therefore very heavy, and carries a very powerful message. The woman in question can then look the truth in the face, and realize that she made the wrong choice, as she can also close her eyes, and continue this union, without knowing if she will be completely fulfilled in it or not.

Beware, it is not because a person saw himself wearing a red or green wedding dress, for example, that he should carry out the meaning of this dream, because such a precipitation could cause him enormous remorse afterwards, by doing harm to the man who chose him.

Especially if the latter is a good person, and has always taken good care of her.

What is the meaning of having a black wedding dress dream?

black wedding dress

This is probably the worst nightmare of any woman who deeply wishes one day to be able to put on the famous white dress.

Black is associated with darkness, sadness, the end of something.

So when she sees the dress that is supposed to be sparkling white, in black, the person will automatically be seized by a feeling of panic, which will then be accompanied by a deep feeling of sadness.

Indeed, the black wedding dress, can not portend anything good, its meaning is always related to a terrible event, which may occur in the life of this woman, as the loss of a loved one or a friend for example.

Black is the color of grief, as well as death. This dream may well mean that the person is about to lose someone dear to their heart.

What can be the meaning of the dream of the wedding dress with a long train?

dress with long train

Each woman has her own taste in clothing.

And this is also felt when it comes to choosing the most precious dress of her life, the wedding dress.

There are some people who prefer dresses with a mermaid style, in other words, those that will mold their entire figure, and put them in their best light.

But there are also those who prefer the big voluminous dresses of princess, to concretize the dreams of little girls that they always had.

In any case, a wedding dress with a long train is probably one of the most popular forms of this dream.

For its meaning can reflect a series of positive points. The most obvious one is that this woman will lead a long married life, and that her marriage will last for many years, or even a lifetime.

In addition, it could also mean that she will have a large offspring of children and grandchildren as well.

If the train is made with crystal details, and lace, it's even better, because the more beautiful and prestigious the dress, the more it is a symbol of a long and happy life, full of love and children.

What is the meaning of a dream of a wedding dress that is rented?

rented wedding dress

Renting a wedding dress is a very common habit among women who do not want to buy it.

Because they say that it is not necessary and that it is a waste of money, since they will wear it only once in their life, and they will not have the opportunity to wear it later, or at other events.

So they prefer to rent it for a few hours, in order to save money.

But if this rental in the real world can have several advantages, it is not necessarily the same thing in dreams.

Indeed, a wedding dress that does not really belong to the person could be interpreted as a future betrayal of her husband, who will go to another woman, and that it does not belong to him.

Its meaning could then be interpreted as a marriage that is not likely to last long, and will rather end in a few months or a year at most.

In particular, if the rental was for less than a day. If the woman sees in her dream that it is a friend or an acquaintance who rented her white dress, this could be interpreted as a betrayal by this person with her husband.

Should we worry about the meaning of the dream of the wedding dress?

wedding dress question

As we have seen, the wedding dress is an element that is repeated a lot, and is very common in the dream of women.

However, in many cases, this dress, so symbolic and fairy-like, could be the sign of a misfortune that will fall in the life of the person, this leads him to experience many worries, and a series of apprehensions.

This finally turns the dream of marriage into an open-air nightmare.

Having said that, it is important to know that the dream does not necessarily mean that it is a message that comes from above, as a way to make us sad.

Sometimes, you just need to not give too much importance to this kind of visions, in order not to fall in a vicious circle, and spoil your morale for nothing.

There is nothing like having great confidence in the future, and moving forward in life, being sure that the future will be full of beautiful surprises.

Neither should we trust the interpretation of a person who does not really know anything about the world of dreams, because he or she could simply give us a version of the facts that he or she interprets in his or her own way, without being based on any theoretical foundation, such as the study of ancient writings that have already dealt with this subject.


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