Meanings of pregnancy dreams: what do they mean?

Meanings of pregnancy dreams: what do they mean?

Pregnancy illustrates in an imaginary way all that is being put in place and prepared in the psyche of the person who is dreaming.

The awareness of a project develops and becomes concrete, just like the dream of birth that refers to an appearance of innovative ideas.

Soon, this dreamer will experience a stage of evolution and will see the birth of a new event and a new situation.

What's more, it is she who conveys the message of this coming upheaval.

Therefore, the outside world will not offer her a change, but she herself will change her existence.

This also reflects the fact that the dreamer's project is moving forward but is not yet ripe for fruition.

It requires a little time in order to make it succeed and to make it live. This encourages the dreamer to be patient.

Video meaning of dreaming about a pregnancy

Scenarios for a pregnancy dream

Description of the different scenarios of pregnancy dreams

A woman's desire to be pregnant can be expressed in many ways.

The person who dreams can be happy, sad, pregnant for only a few weeks (in her first, second or third trimester) as well as full term, "staged" during the whole course of her gestation and until delivery, or simply at a precise moment of the child's journey, learning the news to frightened or delighted relatives...

In summary, there are many scenarios that present a pregnancy suffered by the dreamer.

It is frequent that this kind of dream is experienced by women who are no longer able to conceive a child, but also by some men who find themselves dreaming of their childbirth.

The testimonies of men or women who have experienced this particular dream situation often reveal the same scenario, which we can also describe as a "standard dream" of pregnancy: the person is several months pregnant, filled with enormous happiness and caressing her belly, which she contemplates calmly, without any fear, unless she sees it in a mirror.

She is sometimes accompanied by relatives to whom she prepares to announce the news as being excellent news, a symbol of the coming birth.

The most common pregnancy dreams

The most common pregnancy dreams

If you have dreams during your pregnancy, they are yours alone. Your interpretation and their meaning remain very individual.

However, it seems that most of the time, a few themes or "scenarios" appear more frequently than the rest in the dreams of mothers-to-be.

Here we present some of the most common topics:

  • dreaming of not actually being a pregnant woman;
  • give birth to a small animal or an object.

The meaning of dreams can be different for the person who has them. Nevertheless, we propose below a list of some common themes and their possible interpretation:

  • you lose or omit some objects, it can symbolize your fears or your anxieties;
  • you are experiencing pain or suffering, which may represent that you are feeling particularly vulnerable during your pregnancy;
  • you remain cloistered, which represents the fear of losing confidence in yourself;
  • the partner abandons you or disappears, which may represent the feeling of insecurity that the transformation of your body morphology arouses in you.

General interpretation of pregnancy dreams

General explanation of pregnancy dreams

The dream of pregnancy is often the symbolism of our personal evolution: we move forward, we evolve, we prepare ourselves to arrange our life and to realize our ambitions.

It can correspond to a life evolution, to a new facet of our character that needs to be revealed, to character traits that need to be highlighted, to a birth in a relationship.

A birth is generally a positive event that reflects a natural progression of our personality, an enlargement of it. Birth is a symbol of what is happening within ourselves.

This will always be an event that will require a period of maturation, a period of preparation, a gestation, and this, in any case, is indispensable.

We are also interested in the people who are present with us in this dream. This indicates who are those who are with us, who are concerned about our fate, about our evolution:

  • if it is a question of the presence of a friend, for example, the latter always represents a positive part of oneself;
  • if there is the presence of a midwife, it indicates that you gain more wisdom;
  • If there are many specialists, this may reflect a concern, a need to be reassured by those around him. This most often corresponds to a lack of psychological support. Indeed, maieutics is the art of giving birth to oneself.

If the spouse is indeed present in the dream, it means that the relationship in question brings out or develops the male part of the person.

Indeed, the psyche is constituted by a male part, namely the animus, which represents action, modelling, reasoning, and a female part, more anchored at the level of language, feelings, creation.

We need both components.

Meaning of dream of pregnancy of twins

Dreams of twins and their meaning in relation to pregnancy

You once had a dream that you were expecting a child and now you discover that you are having twins.

This surprises you because in your family twins do not exist.

Then your husband tells you that the house will have to be enlarged to accommodate them, because your house is far too small.

In this context, the dreamer being already a mother with a little girl, does not foresee another baby.

However, she is considering it and even plans to discuss it with her spouse.

The wish to have another child is present in the dreamer. However, this will lead to much more significant changes than expected.

Indeed, she is not expecting one child but rather two.

On a psychological level, a new baby is taking the place of two others. But also on a more practical level, it will require space and resources.

This person has to consider his desire to have a new child. He or she then realizes that more substantial changes and resources are needed.

She tends to underestimate the place that the arrival of a new child will occupy in her life.

The awareness of this fact will allow him to better assume and concretize his desire.

The latter does not necessarily translate into the birth of twins, but rather into the position that the twins will take at the psychological level within the life of the dreamer and his relatives.

Meaning of dream that a third person announces you a pregnancy

Explanation of the dreams of a pregnancy announcement

In the event that your doctor tells you that you are pregnant, it is a new concept that comes to mind and surprises you.

You will have a new project and desire that was not yet in your initial plan of consciousness.

You can make something new and it may surprise you.

Start by accepting this new idea and look for where it might lead you.

Allow this unexpected realization to develop in you, but it may lead to great things later on. Be more confident in your abilities.

If you dream that it is your friend who tells you that she is expecting a baby but does not want him anymore.

This means that you have a new desire and a new project but that you don't really want it consciously.

Indeed, your will is in disagreement with a movement that could disturb you, whereas you do not wish it.

Don't jump in with a new idea. It doesn't completely fit with the options you already have.

Make decisions carefully and don't get carried away with one idea or another. Think twice.

From another perspective, you dream that you are sharing the same room with other women who are as pregnant as you are.

An illustration that refers to the preparation of a project developed by several people is underway. He asks you to continue to develop it in order to reflect on its content and to formalize it more and more precisely.

You need to take the time to consider the content of this project. Proceed with the preparation of your group project outline.

This one is well advanced and nothing is final yet.

It is necessary to take stock of its content in order to specify it for its concretization.

You will be able to collaborate with others to better anticipate the future.

Dreaming of your child in pregnancy

Meaning of the dreams of pregnancy of his daughter

Such a dream cannot be premonitory despite the fact that it seems extremely realistic and consistent with the real world.

If in the dream your daughter gets pregnant, it is clear that this makes you experience strong emotions.

Having this dream often indicates that you want to become a grandmother and grandfather.

The subconscious mind translates this buried desire by prompting you to have such a dream at night. Another possibility consists in saying that you wish to carry out a project of life which is dear to you or which is already started.

In the first case as in the other, having this dream is extremely positive and shows the will to see one's life evolve, both in terms of family and professional life.

Meaning of the dream of a pregnancy that goes wrong or unwanted

Interpretation of pregnancy dreams that go wrong

It can happen that the experience of the dream is less favorable and painful during a moment, as for example the dreams concerning the miscarriages during which we give birth to the baby.

If it corresponds to something not lived and of which we are afraid, it will be appropriate to :

  • seek to understand why we have this fear;
  • Has this ever happened in our family, for example?

It can mean the failure of a project, a modification that does not succeed.

Indeed, in case of miscarriage, it shows the lack of results, the break with a creative project.

It indicates a position of failure, whether experienced or proven.

Any unusual or monstrous birth (giving birth to an animal, a creature) reveals the anxieties and concerns of the dreamer.

Finally, if in reality, the expected woman has a nightmare during which she experiences her pregnancy badly, this may be a sign of her apprehensions about the experience of motherhood.

For people who do not want to have children, dreaming about being pregnant can be worrisome.

However, as we have just seen, this dream pregnancy often represents the preparation of a project or the birth of an idea. It is not, however, an indication of the realization of something that is planned or necessary.

By dreaming of being pregnant and refusing to have a child, it is interesting to ask ourselves if we are not in the midst of ambivalence, if there is a part of us that does not want to do it but that we do not want to listen.

This ambivalence is sometimes the result of internal conflicts. If this scenario remains worrisome, a therapist should be consulted.

What does it mean to dream of being pregnant by your Ex?

Meaning of pregnancy dreams of an ex-partner

If you dream that the father of your future child is your ex, or that you are having a love affair and the current spouse is not the father, you should not see this as any kind of deception.

In effect, this means that the woman has been taught by certain members of her entourage, who have passed on knowledge to her.

She was receptive to an attitude that did not come from the spouse and was enriched by it.

Dreaming of your pregnancy when you are already pregnant: what is its interpretation?

The meaning of pregnancy dreams for a person already pregnant

If you are looking to get pregnant in real life or if you wish to have a baby, then this dream expresses your desire for motherhood and gestation.

If the dream conforms to the context, namely that the dreamer is in a state of pregnancy, it translates, according to its course, the normal anxieties and wishes that the eventual birth of a child brings about.

Always consider:

  • the condition of this person;
  • how she experiences her pregnancy;
  • its relationship to this new situation;
  • its projection into the future.

Most often, no interpretation of a symbolic nature can be made, except to express the wish that the birth goes well.

This dream needs to take into consideration all its components, namely the course, the environment, the impressions, the emotions felt, etc.

Interpretation of pregnancy dreams according to various approaches

Various interpretations of pregnancy dreams

Dreaming of becoming pregnant is not exclusive to women, as it has nothing to do with the desire to have children, motherhood, or dreams during pregnancy.

Indeed, men also have this kind of dream.

During the dream, the gestation can be at various stages (1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester), continue until its term, conclude by a birth, or sometimes by a miscarriage.

The Freudian approach

Meaning of pregnancy dreams according to Sigmund Freud

For a woman, dreaming of pregnancy can reveal the wish to make a child to her father.

It corresponds to oedipal situations that are reproduced in the form of fantasies that exist during childhood and surface at the age of majority.

To have a dream of pregnancy in the case of a man is a sign that virility is badly integrated, and even lived with difficulty and suffering.

To wish to become a woman in turn, is to be more like her mother.

In addition to the Oedipal dimension, this may indicate a wish to grasp the secret of one's birth and the parental will that brought the character to earth.

The Jungian approach to pregnancy dreams

Interpretation of the dream of pregnancy according to Carl Jung

Having a pregnancy dream is linked to a notion of the pursuit of life and the potentialities that come with it: the birth of an internal maturity, the discovery of new creativity, etc.

This psychic instance takes place without his knowledge at the beginning, which explains why a man can wish to become "pregnant".

Moreover, this dream signals the passage of certain stages, always at the level of the unconscious processes.

The interpretation of the esoteric tradition of pregnancy dreams

Esoteric meaning of pregnancy dreams

In the medieval conception of dreams, the dream of a pregnancy was considered a sign of effective pregnancy.

But this was not always true!

Therefore, for some specialists in onirology (such as Eliphas Levy), the dream of pregnancy is associated with an imperative of success and change of social situation.

Whatever happens, the idea of pregnancy denotes an effort to be made as well as a willingness to gain patience.

This can be summed up by the saying: you have to know how to sow in order to be able to harvest!

Other meanings of pregnancy dream

Other interpretations of pregnancy dreams

Miller says that dreaming of pregnancy is a good omen for poor or middle-income people.

Indeed, this dream portends a lot of money and benefits.

On the other hand, for a rich person having this dream, it is an indication of grief and loss.

As for a married man who dreams of a pregnancy, he can signal a breakup.

According to the Nostradamus current, for a young girl who is still a virgin but who sees herself pregnant, this means that she will be the victim of a deception.

On the other hand, if this dream is made by an adult woman, it presages success in all spheres.

A man who dreams about his partner's pregnancy will get into trouble.

In the sense of dreams in Islam, having a dream of pregnancy often comes into play with parents who are hoping for a baby, as well as during the phases of change in the professional or private career.

In the meaning of dreams in Islam, dreaming about an abortion can represent an illustration of unfulfilled ideas or wishes as well as recklessness with or without some absurdity.

In particular, dreaming of repeated pregnancies is an excellent omen.

Elements to consider in order to give a meaning to a pregnancy dream

Esoteric meaning of pregnancy dreams

Mostly positive, the dream requires that we take into consideration all of its components, including the context of the story, the environment and the feelings experienced.

If one appears unhappy while waiting for one's child, then a part of oneself is in full transformation, while the second part is on the contrary in the wish to transform nothing, to remain in the perennity of the situations.

Moreover, the age of the dreamer also has its weight.

At thirty years old, we are overflowing with projects, on the other hand, at twenty years old, the dream can cause uneasiness, uncertainties about oneself or about life.

Sometimes, the story of the dream may be less pleasant and may cause great concern for a period of time, especially in dreams in which the baby is lost.

If you are still disturbed by the scenario, psychoanalysts recommend that you seek the advice of a therapist.

It can mean the failure of a case, and if you wake up, it means that the emotional charge experienced is very important.

On the other hand, if a woman has actually had a nightmare in which the pregnancy goes badly, this nightmare may be indicative of her apprehensions about the experience of motherhood.

To conclude, as a general rule, the meanings specific to pregnancy dreams, whether or not they lead to a birth, have a close relationship with the passages of our existence, whether it be our relationship as a couple (a union in the process of being prepared, changes that trouble us, a questioning about the future of our life together) or even our professional or private occupations.

No matter what our precise status is, we feel ourselves at a turning point and we live it with anxiety or with happiness, it translates into the presence of a next child who will come to move us during our night.


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