Dreaming of the end of the world: omen or spiritual meaning?

Dreaming of the end of the world: omen or spiritual meaning?

Dreaming is often a message that our subconscious sends us. It warns us about situations of our daily life, they can be positive or negative.

Thus, dreams are most of the time sources of astonishment if not of concern. Fantastic universes, magical creatures and improbable events intermingle in our dreams. When we wake up, we are sometimes perplexed not knowing how to interpret what we dreamed the night before. Good omen or bad omen, it is impossible to say.

The experts come to our aid. They confirm that dreams are intimately linked to our real life. Thanks to several techniques, they manage to shed light on our dreams.

The most obscure and frightening dreams are explained and related to our real life. Among them, there is a dream that makes us jump in the middle of the night in sweat, it is the one of dreaming about the end of the world.

Indeed, what could be more terrifying than to see all of humanity perish without being able to do anything about it. We are confronted with the horror of seeing our loved ones and our possessions disappear forever.

This dream, depending on the context, can have different meanings.

Below we will present the messages that your subconscious is trying to send through the variations of this dream. Follow us carefully!

Global interpretation of the dream of the end of the world

Having a dream about the end of everything is a subconscious experience that, for many people, has a very important meaning. Indeed, the reasons for the dream are sometimes perceived as being related to the vices of the world and not to their personal situation.

Thus, a lot of people say they are not aware of the world economic state, and even of their country. But all the same, they have come to make atrocious disasters, with wars on all continents causing irreversible damage. After a certain period of time, we see the occurrence of a huge global crisis that affects the economy of several countries, and this, throughout the world. When the dream is made by several people at the same time, it is called collective dream, which is quite common, however, making sense of this phenomenon is difficult and uncertain.

According to many experts in the field of onirology (the science of dreams), the meaning of dreaming about the end of the world indicates the end of one phase and the beginning of a much better one. After going through times of transition and change, a new era will begin for you. However, you should expect that this end will not be easy, or even painful. The reality is that any change can create uncertainty, so don't panic too much.

Obviously, mourning a stage in our lives is not an easy thing to do. For some people, the process is long and complicated. You should always keep in mind that the analysis and the meaning of your dream (the end of the world) depend closely on the personal situation you are in, but also on all the details and contexts of this strange dream.

Therefore, you should try to identify which of the following interpretations best fits your dream.

The end of the world you dream of involves the presence of water

When you have the dream of an end of the world where water is present, it can reveal that in a very short time you will be able to solve your problems that were previously pending. This must of course be carefully thought out. At this very moment, luck is smiling on you, everything is in your favor to be able to overcome all the adversity you meet on your way. You will also be able to realize all the plans you have carefully made. It is therefore the right time to see your objectives come true.

The water that in your dreams ends the world is ultimately responsible for the purification of your own existence. It is more than ever time to fill your mind with positive waves and thoughts as pure and clear as water. In this way, you will be able to give the best version of yourself. This is the perfect time to start executing your most ambitious plans, you must be ready to take advantage of these privileged moments to achieve your goals. Don't leave any room for hesitation that could cost you dearly!

In your dream the fire is responsible for the end of the world

If in your dream of the end of the world fire comes into play, it is an experience that also indicates the end of one of the stages of your life. It is your youth or a career, but also a relationship (love, friendship, professional ...). It can also reveal a danger that lurks. An event likely to occur at the end of the period in question. In addition, dreaming of an end of the world, where you can see the flames ending with petrified faces, suggests that, you are being careless and have difficulty acting. Well, one thing within your existence will end. It will happen without you being able to stop it.

In most cases, when a fire destroys a single thing, it destroys everything in its path, nothing escapes it. Generally speaking, this meaning will apply to your real life in the same way as in dream world experiences. So, if the dreamed end of the world is caused by fire, you must know that first you are caught in a vicious circle. Then this circle will disappear completely and without a trace. As a result, you will be allowed to welcome new experiences into your life. This will allow you to resume :

  • Your balance ;
  • your stability ;
  • a newfound freedom and serenity.

Surviving the end of the world you dreamed of

Surviving the end of the world in your dream can be interpreted as a need that you feel. This can materialize in some cases, as the need to be reborn. This can be in all areas of your life, whether it is in your family, personal or professional life. This rebirth will occur to put an end to a malaise or a bad phase in your life. You have this opportunity because you have the ability and the will to change the course of your life. You can clean up your surroundings and permanently remove the bad habits that have been plaguing your life for far too long.

Thus, you must become aware of the skills that lie dormant in you in order to obtain what you need and deserve. For this to happen, one condition must be met: you must agree to abandon your fears in order to begin your quest, to define precisely the objectives to be achieved. Obviously, it is these unreasonable fears that limit your ascent.

If this dream frequently haunts your nights, it is because your subconscious mind insists that you have finally been able to leave the comfort zone that was otherwise your prison. Now you are slowly beginning to pursue bigger and more ambitious goals. Happy events and rewarding experiences await you at the end of your journey of self-improvement. This is a sign that you are on the right path.

Dreaming frequently about the end of the world

Dreaming about the end of the world over and over again may be a technique that your subconscious mind uses to show you your own reality. Confidence and satisfaction characterize you in all aspects of your life. Career, personal life and your family relationships are all in order. In short, you can eliminate all your fears. No change or difficulty can shake you. You have achieved a degree of serenity that will allow you to go through life's trials with composure. Through your life, you have gained the experience that allows you to face adversity with courage and confidence. You see bigger, optimism characterizes your thoughts. You emanate positivity. Your entourage feels it, which considerably improves the quality of your social relations. Thus, several opportunities are offered to you and you are in constant evolution. You must know how to take advantage of this moment of plenitude, to concretize the wishes which are dearest to you. Do not let this precious time slip away!

In your dream the aliens put an end to the world we live in

It is a very strange dream. However, dreaming of an alien invasion that ends our world is not as uncommon as one might think. This type of dream can actually reveal a deep-seated fear in your mind, the fear of the unknown. Experiencing these dreams can create a feeling of vulnerability and helplessness. You feel that anyone has the power to harm you. Even though this is an irrational perception of things, you still can't shake it. As a result, you find it increasingly difficult to cope with the problems of everyday life. This is also indicative of your inability to see things rationally in order to clear up problems and misunderstandings. Your anxieties then turn into nightmares that haunt your nights. You must work on yourself and try to externalize your fears in order to learn to tame them.

Dreaming of the end of the world caused by a natural disaster

To dream of an end of the world due to a natural disaster (tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes...), is quite frightening, indeed, natural phenomena, such as volcanic eruptions or floods, are responsible for large-scale tragedies. Man is powerless against these forces of nature. He can only observe the damage with amazement. The human being experiences a feeling of frustration, because he can neither foresee nor control these kinds of events.

Your subconscious is trying to indicate to you through this dream that your inner peace will incessantly shake completely.

Because you are unfortunately about to make a totally uncontrolled change in your life. This change will take you by surprise and may destabilize you. You will feel as if you are losing control of your own life. These times are particularly difficult. You must be careful to stay on course and hold on as long as you can.

It should be noted that this dream may indicate that you are in the process of making a change, and that you would like to decide every aspect of this process. In any case, you must be fully aware of your actions and reactions. You must not act out of fear alone!

In your dream a meteorite ends our world

It is a popular scenario in post-apocalyptic science fiction films. This does not prevent it from appearing in our dreams. On the contrary, dreaming of a comet ending the world is quite common. It is an experience through which our subconscious tries to send us a message. It tries to reveal to us that we feel a disproportionate fear of being hurt by people we do not know.

It may also indicate that you live in perpetual fear of suffering because of your relationship. These bonds between you and your partner have recently been formed. This explains the distrust you feel towards your partner. You have not yet given your partner your full trust. These feelings are very common in people who have experienced trauma and have not yet been able to overcome it. It is important to take time to heal before starting a new relationship. This process can be long and painful, but it is essential to free yourself from old demons. It is the only way to regain your self-confidence and trust in others.

Dreaming of the end of the world because of a nuclear holocaust

History shows the very serious repercussions of wars and nuclear incidents (Hiroshima, Nagasaki), so obviously, dreaming about the end of the world caused by a nuclear holocaust is not without meaning. If you often have this dream, it could mean that you are concerned about the policies of governments, whether in your country or elsewhere in the world. Their relationship to nuclear power generates apprehensions in you that translate into this terrifying dream.

There is another avenue to explore. Coupled with political concerns, the dream also demonstrates your pessimistic attitude towards human beings or humanity in general.

This can have repercussions on those around you and can even prevent you from creating bonds with others. This feeling condemns you to live in continual distrust, which will wear out your nerves. Loneliness will then be your only companion. Consequently, it is very important to learn to manage your apprehensions and not to put everyone in one box. You could also benefit from getting away from fake news.

To conclude, we can say that dreams have a revealing effect. They are often a reflection of your emotions and feelings in your daily life. It is certain that understanding them could help you understand yourself, but also anticipate the behavior of those around you. Of course, you can't stop yourself from dreaming or stop a bad dream.

What you can do, however, is improve your reality so that it does not reflect on your subconscious.

Talk to people about your worries. Don't isolate yourself to brood over your bad thoughts. Sometimes the help of health professionals is relevant to improve your condition and calm your sleep. A good diet, a healthy lifestyle and a comfortable sleep could also be helpful in preventing nightmares.

You should also avoid screens before going to sleep. The flow of alarming and sometimes false information can also cause you stress and anxiety. Instead, read a hard copy of a book to help you relax and forget your daily worries.

You could add to this the establishment of regular bedtimes and wake-up times. You will create your own little habits that will help you cope with the constant and inevitable changes in this world.

Now you know everything there is to know about the meaning of your bad dream of the end of the world! There is no more room for misunderstanding and worry. You can now go to sleep more serenely!


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