What does a dream about spiders mean?

What does a dream about spiders mean?

Spiders are black, ugly and often hairy. There's nothing more frightening than seeing these terrifying insects in your dreams.

Typically found in our ceilings and bedrooms, peanuts are often harmless, weaving their webs in nooks and crannies. In some lore, these insects even symbolize good luck and wealth. But what about their significance in dreams?

In this article, we offer you a complete deciphering of spider dreams, or nightmares for some. Just follow the guide!

What do spiders symbolize in dreams?

One or more spiders never appear in your dreams by chance. They have a deep meaning for you, which we'll try to explain.

Although the appearance of this ugly insect causes rejection or even certain phobias in dreamers, it's not always a bad sign in dreams.

The spider in dreams represents first and foremost a master weaver, weaving his web to shape your destiny. It can therefore be a good or bad omen for you. It all depends on how this animal manifests itself in your dreams.

As a general rule, dreaming of several spiders symbolizes your problems, worries and sources of stress in life.

Just as the spider is capable of weaving magnificent artistic and geometric webs, this image also reveals your dexterous side in the field of work, your creative sense and even your intelligence.

In some cultures, spiders represent feminine powers or even temptation, referring to the authoritative women in your life.

On the other hand, spiders in dreams can also reveal your individualistic side or even reflect your loneliness in life, as a spider lives quietly isolated in its web.

And finally, the spider is also the symbol of destiny, its web the symbol of the interconnection of destinies, which, in your dreams, can say a lot about what awaits you in real life.

As you can see, a dream about spiders can have various meanings for you, depending on how you visualize these insects in your dreams and what feelings they generate in you.

5 meanings of spider dreams

The first question you'll need to ask yourself to find out the exact meaning in your dreams is how did the spiders look? Big or small? Menacing or rather harmless? And above all, what were they doing?

All these questions will help you find out more about the meaning of your dream, because the key to deciphering the images your dreams send you lies in the details. So pay close attention to every element of your dream.

To give you some hints, we propose the meaning of 5 dream scenarios that include spiders:

Dreaming of small or large spiders

Obviously, your dream doesn't have the same meaning if you dream of small or large spiders.

  • Seeing little spiders in your dreams represents the pressure your partner is putting on you;
  • If they are large spiders, they indicate the imminent arrival of financial problems.

On the other hand, if you dream of tarantulas, it refers to something negative, which could affect your savings, your health and even your family relationships.

Dreaming of spiders galore

If you really do see a lot of spiders in your dreams, it's a bad sign. It indicates deception or betrayal in real life. This dream is also a harbinger of great misfortune, such as death, a break-up or even financial worries.

Dreaming of spiders biting you

If, in your dreams, you visualize several spiders biting you, this means that people around you are toxic. They create fear, discomfort and can even paralyze you.

Dreaming of spiders spinning their webs

Webs in your dreams are always a bad omen, because they're directly linked to things that stand in your way, blocking you and preventing you from moving on.

The sight of several spiders weaving their webs is synonymous with many obstacles, problems and even regression.

If the spiders in question are not on the webs, this is symbolic of a separation in love or family.

On the other hand, a single spider spinning its web in your dreams refers to your professional skills.

Dreaming of spiders hanging from ceilings

Visualizing your bedroom ceiling infested with spiders in your dreams is just terrifying. It's a harbinger of problems, unforeseen events and obstacles in your life in the near future.

On the other hand, if you try to kill these spiders in your dreams, it's a harbinger of great misfortune and disappointment in life.

Psychoanalytic interpretations of spider dreams

In different regions and customs, spiders have different symbolism. The same applies to dreams.

Depending on your experience, the period you're going through or even your deepest emotions, a dream about spiders can have multiple meanings for you.

The aces of psychoanalysis, for their part, have taken up the question, offering us a complete interpretation of spider dreams:

Freud's interpretation of spider dreams

According to Freudian thinking, dreaming of a spider, whether one or several, refers back to fantasies of origins, i.e. seeing these progenitors making love. Freud explains this by pointing out that spiders all have 8 legs, representing the limbs of two people in coitus, symbolizing a sexual relationship between a man and a woman, who are in reality the dreamer's parents.

This dream therefore refers to the dreamer's impulses and sexual curiosity.

Jung's interpretation of spider dreams

For Jung, spiders and other insects in dreams are harbingers of change or evolution.

This dream is therefore a good omen. For Jung, any change, positive or negative, is beneficial for the dreamer, enabling him or her to move forward in life, discover new knowledge or even enjoy new experiences.

Jung also points out that the spider in dreams is a kind of divinatory insect, revealing the dreamer's shadows.


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