A 4 year old girl gives me a paper

A 4 year old girl gives me a paper




Little girl of about 4 years old presents me a small white rolled paper, she says to me look it is my name. I unroll the small white paper and in the texture of the paper there is her name written... hardly visible she says to me "LÉONTINE".

I answer her that I have never heard such a wonderful name that it is the most beautiful name in the world. She is extremely happy and can't believe it.

She smiles at me and on each tooth there is a very shiny white diamond as if cut on the tooth and on the upper canines the diamonds are sparkling red.

Her mother is near us and she tells me that her twin has passed away. I feel shivers all over my body and I show her my arms with bristles.

I see the base of the grave (like a long bench for two) of her twin and there is a bronze statue of her twin sister on the right side... I think very hard about Carolane and I want to tell them that she has passed away and I wake up.


Hello Carole,

I am so glad you are sharing your dream with us. Dreaming of events with a little girl is known to be a good and sweet time. Yours is marked by signs that are important to decipher.

First of all, it is important to note that dreams about children are often very positive. In your dream, the presence of a 4-year-old girl is a harbinger of good news and hope.

The fact that you are fond of this little girl and that she smiles back at you confirms the coming of a happy situation in the very near future.

Little girls are the embodiment of sweetness in dreams. You will experience a chain of happy circumstances in your life.

The second obvious sign of your dream is the little white paper. It is not insignificant, as you can imagine. At first glance, the white paper is a symbol of a new beginning that you desire within yourself.

It is also the sign of a hard work of your thought. You are going through a phase of inner opposition that is causing you to think hard and need to express yourself more.

Then there is the twin character of the little one which is quite complex. In fact, the symbolism of twins is that a clash of several ideas is taking place in your mind and you are undecided.

In contrast, the girl's diamond teeth reveal that you hold certain ideas that promise to lead to better results with patience. You need to re-establish perfect unity within yourself to regain balance in your life.

Hopefully, this will help you to see things more clearly. Consider a personal retreat to find yourself and clear your psychological blocks. You will come out of it happier.

Take care of yourself,

Anne Anne



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