Waking up to snow and ice in summer

Waking up to snow and ice in summer




I just woke up and like every morning went to open the blinds in my room.

When I do so I am dazzled by the sun and when after an effort I can see more clearly I see that everything is white and I hear people shouting for snow.

In the dream I remember that it is summer and that if there is snow it is a big problem.

But when I take a better look at the ground I realize that it is not snow but hail.

After realizing that all the hail turns into water and there are only a few hail stones and slowly I wake up.


Hello Alma,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us.

It seems to take place in a lucid state. It may be that your dream is a sign of a lack that you feel deep down inside. In the following lines, I'll explain the symbolism of your dream.

First of all, to dream of waking up during a dream means that you have qualities that you're neglecting. It's also a sign that you're quick to give in to your desires.

Your subconscious then invites you to surpass yourself professionally, breaking all the limits you impose on yourself in real life.

Next, dreaming of drawing the blinds means you'll open your eyes to the real intentions of those close to you. They'll try to hide their true personalities from you, but you'll be one step ahead of them in unmasking them.

What's more, opening the blinds in your room can mean you're opening up more and more to the world around you.

And if, when you open your blinds, you seem to be dazzled by the sun in your dream, it's a sign that you're attracting positive vibes to yourself.

As for the white landscape you saw, it represents inner peace and serenity. On the other hand, it may also conceal a period of loneliness.

On the other hand, the hail you saw is a bad omen. It's a warning signal from your subconscious, heralding a period of sentimental and professional turmoil.

Alma, know that with strength and courage you'll be able to overcome them. Finally, your subconscious is urging you to be very careful with your finances.

Kind regards,

Anne Anne



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