Garden crush

Garden crush




I was in my dream strangely introducing my parents to a work colleague I have, after that, there were couples in my garden kissing, and a drummer appeared, out of nowhere, I appeared in a course and everyone was evacuating it, then the guy I like appeared, he looked at me, but disappeared in the crowd.


Hello Ferchis.

Thank you for sharing your dream with us.

It reveals a set of important messages that will have a considerable impact on your life. You'll have to make a series of important decisions. I'll give you all the details of my interpretation.

Your parents in this dream are a symbol of maturity. It's a sign that you're growing up and evolving as a person.

Your work colleague symbolizes the fact that you need to learn not to take yourself too seriously.

Your subconscious wishes to reveal that your thirst for success and the goals you set for yourself should not prevent you from enjoying your life.

These kissing couples symbolize an unhappy experience in your life.

Your subconscious is inviting you to be careful with your current relationships and avoid conflict as much as possible.

Your garden here symbolizes a secret inside you that you absolutely must get out in order for progress to occur in your life.

The drummer you see here symbolizes the energy and vital resources you have deep within you.

It's a sign that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself if you give yourself the means.

That's why you're seeing this person you like, a sign that you're sometimes brimming with energy but finding it hard to put it to good use.

This crowd symbolizes a set of important decisions you're going to have to make that will change the course of your life.

In the end, Ferchis, your maturity and desire to succeed in your projects should not create conflicts with those around you.

Yours faithfully

William William



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