I lose a canine while eating bread

I lose a canine while eating bread




Hello to all.

I had a very strange dream that made me wake up with a start... I was outside on an ATV with my best friend, we went to a store to get some bread.

I ate a piece of bread that made me pull out a canine tooth and from there, the tooth fell into my hand.

I found a watering hole to clean the tooth which was filled with black blood. It took me a long time to clean it, but I succeeded...

Could you please help me? I thank you in advance.


Hello Jessica

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. I hope you weren't too disturbed by it? The dream of losing a tooth is often very striking, especially with the presence of blood. But contrary to the negative impression conveyed, it is not as negative as all that.

In fact, dreaming of losing a tooth is often synonymous with a profound upheaval within you. It announces a form of inner liberation. It should be noted that in order for this transformation to take place, you must put aside your fears, both material and spiritual.

Moreover Jess Ica the presence of bread is a very positive sign. It assures you that you will manage to evolve both physically and psychically.

Through this dream, your subconscious is speaking to you. It clearly indicates that despite the trials you are facing, you are in the process of assimilating the lessons learned in your past. The presence of black blood symbolizes the wisdom you have acquired in your life journey.

Jess Ica this dream is rather a good omen. Even though it may have struck you at first sight. It tells you that it is now time to be yourself. It is time for you to speak from your heart.

You have learned enough in your life. It is now time to share who you are with others and it looks like you will have the courage to do so.


Anne Anne



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