All rainbow dream interpretations

All rainbow dream interpretations

Inscribed in the common human imagination as an image of joy, love and fulfillment, the rainbow is one of nature's most stunning phenomena. It's not uncommon to have images of rainbows in our dreams, and just as in real life, these images can bring good news.

The rainbow is particularly symbolic in the dream world, with many positive connotations associated with these dreams, and they usually predict only things that are about to change for the better in the dreamer's life. If you've had a rainbow dream and are looking for its meaning, here are all the interpretations in a few lines.

Dreaming of rainbows: what does it mean?

As many rainbow dreamers can testify, these images leave a very positive feeling that lasts for a long time. Since early childhood, the rainbow has been the image that symbolizes an optimal level of happiness, and it's this particularity of this natural phenomenon that the dreamer finds again in real life. In other words, you're about to experience a period of happiness and prosperity.

In fact, the rainbow is a symbol of hope and progress, a message from both the universe and your subconscious to keep believing in yourself so that the beautiful things you've been hoping for will come true. It's a perpetual duel between hope and faith, represented by the rain and sun that give rise to such a vivid, colorful natural landscape.

So the image of a rainbow in your dreams means that milder times are about to begin, especially as its shape indicates that a bridge has been created to take you to the other side. Try to stay positive in your life, whatever difficulties you face, because the universe will soon reward you for your patience and perseverance.

Is a rainbow dream always a good omen?

It's difficult to say exactly whether a rainbow dream is a good omen or a bad one, as we'll need to look at several other elements to be able to bring a fair and valid meaning. Every fragment of the image you see in your dreams is important, as it can help us bring you more details about the exact meaning so you can embrace change in your life.

That said, try to focus on :

  • The shape of the rainbow: although these dreams appear in a semicircular shape, this can change from one dreamer to another;
  • Colors: it's often difficult to control your dreams, but a bright rainbow is often a good sign;
  • The people you see: for lovers, for example, if you dream of seeing a rainbow with the person you love, it's a sign that you're in a lasting and sincere relationship.

You'll need to take each of these elements into account, in addition to your feelings during and after the dream. While most of the time you'll feel happy and fulfilled, a rainbow dream can also symbolize your fears about a given situation or person, but this image has appeared to encourage you.

Some rainbow dream interpretations

As we've just explained, there are many details involved in the meaning of a rainbow dream. If you're looking for the right answer, don't hesitate to take a little time to remember each element before choosing one of the following scenarios according to its relevance to your dream.

Dreaming of seeing a big rainbow

Among the most frequent images, that of a large rainbow during your dream is undoubtedly the most impressive. This image is extremely positive and tells you that you're on the right path, that you're making slow but steady progress in your life, and that you need to accept every new thing that comes your way. Your subconscious is telling you not to push yourself too hard, but to let the water flow gently.

It won't be long before you find a sense of inner peace and unity in your life. Make the most of every moment to develop yourself in every way.

Dreaming of a double rainbow

A double rainbow is generally a good sign in a dream, but to see only two is quite rare. If the image of a pair of rainbows is particularly expressive, it's because it embodies two people linked by a bond of blood and pure love. In a couple, this vision indicates a fairly strong bond that is about to move on to a higher stage, such as marriage or the birth of a baby.

In short, this image can indicate :

  • An upcoming event: this can sometimes be negative, even if the opposite is true most of the time;
  • Evolution: on a personal or professional level, a double rainbow is a harbinger of progress.

Dreaming of seeing lots of rainbows

In a dream, the rainbow can also allude to the most beautiful thing you've accomplished in your life. It may refer to people with whom you've forged strong ties in your life, such as your parents, friends, children or fellow human being, or it may refer to a personal project you've successfully completed. It's also a very positive image that often appears in dreamers' minds.

Each rainbow represents a real element in the dreamer's life that contributes greatly to his or her happiness and fulfillment.

Dreaming of touching a rainbow

As the rainbow symbolizes change and progress towards a better life, dreaming of touching it shows that you're ready to welcome this change with open arms. The colors of the rainbow are important here, because the brighter they are, the happier and more fulfilling the next cycle in your life will be. Your subconscious is telling you that you are capable of accompanying change.

Open up to the world around you and the opportunities it offers, follow your heart and move towards new horizons.

Dreaming of a round rainbow

The round shape of a rainbow in a dream brings good news, symbolizing fullness and perfection. If you're in a loving relationship, know that the person you love fits in perfectly with your being; you complement each other, and you need to make sure you provide as much positive energy as she does to preserve this harmony for a long time to come.

A few more times, a round rainbow means that a project close to your heart is about to come to fruition, such as the birth of a baby.

Dreaming of taking a picture of a rainbow

If you aspire to more freedom and self-confidence in your life, the dream of photographing a rainbow means you need to express yourself more in real life. You need rest and credit for what you achieve in life, so give yourself this pleasure and let go of everything that weighs you down. Respond to the inner cry that calls you to bring out the best in yourself.

Your life is very precious, you can achieve a lot of good things on all levels, do it and it will give you a great feeling of joy and inner peace.

Dreaming of seeing a rainbow in the water

Water and rainbows have different meanings in dreams, as water often represents the image of fear. In waking life, the dreamer may dread certain situations that pursue him in his dreams, but the rainbow is there to remind him that the changes he's so afraid of will be positive in his life. You're looking forward to good news and are afraid of disappointment.

Fate has some wonderful surprises in store for you, so control your feelings and wait for the right moment to see your dreams come true.

Dreaming of a rainbow in the middle of rain

These images are generally used when the dreamer is going through a difficult period, usually following the death of someone very close to him or her, or a cycle full of sadness and grief. The rain symbolizes consolation and the rainbow hope: things will change for the better, and the difficult cycle will soon come to an end, giving way to a calmer, more clement period.

So this vision of a rainbow in the middle of a storm means :

  • Love and inner peace;
  • Hope;
  • Self-confidence.

Dreaming of a rainbow at night

The image of a rainbow in the middle of the night usually indicates that the dreamer is particularly zen and lives in perfect harmony. However dark his path may be, his awareness of his surroundings keeps him moving in the right direction. It's a dream full of hope and other positive signals, and it won't be long before good things happen in your life.

In the most delicate moments of your life, your conscience is always there to guide you towards the resolution of even the most problematic of situations.

Rainbow dreams: some negative interpretations

Although they often refer to progress and happiness in the dreamer's life, rainbow dreams can have certain negative connotations. Here too, it's very important to consider all the elements of the dream to get the right meaning.

Dreaming of a rainbow by day

Rainbow glare in broad daylight is usually a negative image, as it shows that you're setting goals you don't know how to reach. You need a little time to reflect and make a final decision, so try to see close up what steps you need to take to realize your dearest wishes.

Keep your goals in sight and keep believing they're achievable, and you'll see that anything is possible in life, you just have to give it time.

Dreaming of a broken rainbow

As we explained earlier, the shape of the rainbow that appears in your dream is highly symbolic, as in this case it shows that the dreamer is facing an obstacle or situation that is preventing him from progressing and achieving his goals. This could be an illness, someone putting pressure on him or her, or a failure to adopt the right methods to realize his or her dreams.

It's a rare image that shows that all the dreamer's enthusiasm, positive energy, joy and desires have been wiped out by an insurmountable obstacle. Although this is not always the case, this image symbolizes a sad event in the dreamer's life, sometimes even death.

Dreaming of a black rainbow

The color black is not very pleasant in dreams; seeing a black rainbow often leaves an unpleasant feeling after waking up. This color can signify the end of all hope for the realization of a given project in the dreamer's real life, testifying to his negativity and pessimism regarding the development of certain situations in his life.

As a result, even if you're faced with situations that bring opportunities, you won't be able to seize them to improve your life, because you're too busy seeing the negative aspects of every problem you face. Start looking at possible solutions.

In a nutshell

It's very common to see a rainbow appear in your dreams, and it's an extremely pleasant image that can give you a feeling of happiness that lasts a long time. Rainbow dream scenarios can vary greatly, but they're usually pleasant and bring good news and plans that will soon come true in your life.

Nevertheless, every little detail is important if you're looking for the right interpretation of your dream, but know that a rainbow often indicates that a positive change in your waking life is never really far away.


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